Army Showcase; Kris Green’s Raging Bulls

As you know, here at Master of Magics we like to keep our eyes pleaded for interesting and unique painted miniatures. Hobbists spend hours of their time creating, for lack of a better word, art. So, when we see some mini’s that impresses us, we reach out and ask the owner if they want to tell us about how and why they came up with their ideas. With the current lockdown I have had more time to perusing the online wargaming groups, where I came across one such collection in the form of Kris Green’s Raging Bulls. I asked if he wanted to share it with you all and thankfully, he said yes. So, let’s have a look at the super soldiers of Kris’s Raging Bulls.

So, what made you want to paint up your own custom brand of Space Marines? Who are the Raging Bulls?

Had the idea about ten years. Based loosely on a British Airborne theme. The RAGING BULLS are a Primaris force. Fast attack. Air Assault and urban warfare specialists. Tasked with protecting the hidden labs of BELISARIUS CAWL on the decimated agriculture world of KUNNUNGRAA. The labs are hidden beneath the devastated twin cities of Bellerophon and Pegasus.

The labs are being used to re seed all the original 18 legions including the renegade traitor legions as well as any others currently in 40k lore upon request, hence why a few traitor legion Astartes appear loyally amongst their ranks. All other chapter’s in the imperium send troops to aid the BULLS as everyone requires Primaris re enforcements from the labs.

The RAGING BULLS have no Librarians or Chaplains within their ranks not tolerating the witch or the Religious Zealot. The Bulls fight a meat grinder land war against the forces of chaos, the Inquisition and other agencies in their quest to retrieve for themselves the secret work of Cawl. “EVERY MAN A EMPORER” is a rallying call amongst the ranks. “NULLI SECUNDUS” meaning Second to none their motto.

Welcome to KUNNUNGRAA. YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE…” a dark humoured graffiti that appears amongst the ruins. The large elaborate winged shoulder pads indicate a Veteran. Bare metal armour with limited insignia a recent casualty replacement. The RAGING BULLS make extensive use of jump packs, grab chutes and a multitude of heavy weapons more than any other chapter and in complete non-compliance with the Codex of Guilleman.

How long did it take you to complete what you currently have?

Work to date 2 years. 70% completed for the full idea.

There are some interesting weapon load outs on these guys. How do you use them on the tabletop?

This is a collection I am working on, and it is not intended for gaming.

Fair enough. Do you have a particular model you are the proudest of?

Favourites all of them. Each mini has so much detail and character.

That’s a cheat answer, but I’ll let you off because they look awesome. So, what’s next on the painting table for you?

Next to do Chapter Master, Captains and the HUSCARLS the Elites.

Cheers Kris. If you have a unique and interesting army you have been working on and would like to share it with the wider community, then you can contact me via twitter @MTGTengu and maybe yours will be the next army featured in our showcase. If you have enjoyed todays article, please like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics. You want to support the site directly; you can join our Patreon for as little as a $1 a month. Until next time though remember, “NULLI SECUNDUS.”

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