Army Showcase; Patrick Brecht’s Chaos Daemons

As you know, here at Master of Magics we like to keep our eyes peeled for interesting and unique armies. Hobbyists spend hours of their time creating, for lack of a better word, art. So, when we see an army that impresses us, we reach out and ask the owner if they want to tell us about how and why they came up with their ideas. While I was perusing the online groups for some inspiration, I came across one such army in the form of the Chaos Daemons of one Patrick Brecht and asked if he wanted to share his lovely warp entities with you all. Thankfully, he said yes. They might not be loyal servants of the God Emperor, but we won’t had that against him.

So, what inspired you to go with the Chaos Daemon army? Have you always been a devout worshiper of the dark gods?

Back in 5th edition I started the hobby with some Tau, and later I added some Nurgle Daemons. I loved the play style of the Daemons with this random “half your army deep strikes, but you don’t know which”. But I lost interest in the hobby after a short time and had a break until I returned mid-7th edition. I sold most of the models, with the only thing left being a few Tau Battlesuits. So, I built a small Farsight force, but was still in love with Daemons. As a result, I decided to get a Daemon army for some variety, this time mono Slaanesh.

So I wouldn’t say I have always been a devout worshiper, but I like odd choices and thematic armies, and in a sci-fi game like 40k, with high tech weapons, aliens, and genetically enhanced super warriors, the Daemons feel so out of place that you have to love them!

Do you have any back story for these fine beasties? I see there is more than one god represented.

I have no back story for the army as a whole. I like to come up with themes and stories before each game. Like an army consisting of Nurgle, Slaanesh and Khorne with a Prince in each detachment looking to compete against each other (“who gets the most kills?”). If a friend of mine wants to field his Emperor’s Children against my Daemons. I will only play Slaanesh Daemons that do not like being used as tools by the mortal Chaos Marines. Stuff like that is more important to me than playing the most optimized list.

Oh, but one model has a back story! My Plaguebringer that consists of 2 Nurglings. They started off as two powerful Great Unclean ones, one of them more the magic guy, the other one more the hand-to-hand fighting guy. They started fighting each other, but Papa Nurgle had an idea to punish them for fighting by bringing them closer together. He took away most of their power, and now they are forced to work together to get back their reputation and former powers! Seems fitting for the fatherly god… and it is fun to have a Nurgling with the Corruption relic striking with S8 in close combat.

As said before, I started with Slaanesh, then added Nurgle when the new models were released. Then they dropped Wraith and Rapture and I used this as an excuse to start Khorne. So, the only one missing is Tzeentch, but there are plans.

Do you have a particular model you are proudest of?

I think my best model is Horticulus Slimux, but I love most of my Nurgle models to be honest. I practiced a lot with an airbrush for these guys, and it felt like no matter what you do, it will turn out cool in the end. If you are not happy, just add more slime, washes and dirt until no one sees your painting mistakes anymore.

I know my figures are not even close to win a competition, but considering how bad I was at painting a few years ago, I am proud of most of my models.

So, what’s next on the painting table for these guys?

I have 10 more Bloodletters (for a total of 60) to do as well as a second Skull Cannon and a pair of Fiends on my pile of shame. Other than that, I have finished most of my Daemons except some Tzeentch models from Warhammer Underworlds (Eyes of the Nine), but they have to wait for now…

Any plans for what you’re going to do next? Any other armies planned?

Hell yeah! Daemons are only my number two army, number one is Ad Mech. I got a bit bored with Ad Mech lately, but after seeing the new stuff from this year’s LVO I knew I would have to save a bit of money. The flame throwing dogs look nuts and I always wanted to have a flier (or maybe 3…) in one of my armies. Also, at the moment a friend of mine is busy finishing 4 Armiger Knights for my Knight army.

So, April will be bonkers, Psychic Awakening Engine War will give me some new rules for three of my armies plus some new models!

Unfortunately, this means that Tzeentch has to wait until late 2020, but the master of schemes is patient!

Sounds awesome. Hope you share them with us when they are done. If you have a unique and interesting army you have been working on and would like to share it with the wider community, then you can contact me via twitter @MTGTengu and maybe yours will be the next army featured in our showcase. If you have enjoyed today’s article, please like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics. If you want to support the site directly, you can join our Patreon for as little as a $1 a month. Until next time though, remember: “Blood for the Blood God.”

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