New Year Painting Challenge: February

Well, it’s the end of another month, so that means it’s time to look at what minis I’ve managed to paint for this year’s Painting Challenge. This month has been far more productive than I thought I it would be, which was a pleasant surprise. I honestly thought I would only manage to get one or two models finished since I had a holiday booked and February is the shortest month, but I ended up getting more done than I did last month!

A quick reminder on the rules. Over the course of the year I have to paint at least fifty-two models, showing my progress at the end of every month. I have also challenged the wider community to join me in this war against the grey, as group projects are always more fun than solo outings.

Well. Let’s see my progress for February.

First up we have the Heavy Support I alluded to last month, a Purgation Squad for my Ghost Knights. Like the Interceptors, these guys are made up of the old metal Grey Knight models, which I managed to salvage second-hand. After much striping and clipping I had a unit of four Psycannons ready to dish out the Emperor’s justice.

If I am honest, I’ll rarely run them as a full unit, instead splitting the Psycannons among my Strike Squads to give my army a little more fire power. In the games I have run them they have already proven their worth, although that could be due to the updated Grey Knight rules we received in Ritual of the Damned. Speaking of Ritual of the Damned, I have picked up some new additions for the Ghost of Mortain which I’ll hopefully get around to finishing up in March, meaning I’m dangerously close to having a completed army. Scary, I know.

Next up I have four of the explorers from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. I got given the box as a Christmas present last year and have only just got around to painting its contents. I know it’s shameful, but that is what this series is for – getting me to paint my damn miniatures.

For these models I followed the painting guide of Midwinter Minis, who did a whole series of videos giving step by step instructions on how to paint everything in the box. While I’m a fairly confident painter, sometimes I struggle to settle on a paint scheme for my minis, and considering that Blackstone Fortress has a ton of variety in the box, I decided it would be helpful to follow some advice to get them painted quickly. If you have a spare minute or two, I would highly recommend checking out his channel on YouTube. Not only is it great content, but it’s also good to see how others tackle different paint schemes.

The last model I got painted this month was an Inquisitor from 4th edition. I’ve had this guy ever since I had a Daemon Hunter army, and in all that time I have failed to add anything beyond an undercoat to him. So, I thought I would finally get him painted up to fight alongside my Ghost Knights.

I painted him up in a similar fashion to the Rogue Trader from Blackstone Fortress, as I liked the contrast between the red, blue, and gold on Janus Drake. It would also help him stand out against the sea of spectral warriors he will be fighting with. I have also decided to call him Mr. Boo, as his function in the army is to cast Terrify on any target my Paladins are wanting to charge, removing overwatch and helping me keep my precious terminators alive for a bit longer.

Overall that brings the number of models finished by the end of February up to seventeen, which is not bad going at all. Next month I be aiming to get some more Blackstone Fortress heroes painted up, as well as the last of my Ghost Knights finished, so be sure to check back in March to see how I have gotten on.

Before we finish up though, let’s have a look and see what some others have been painting this month.

First up we have this Interrogator ‘Smash’ Chaplain by Tom Wintle. A member of his Dark Angel successor chapter, this angry looking individual is looking to dispense the Emperor’s justice with Hammer and Crozius. Not sure how much of the enemy will be left to interrogate after he’s done wrecking shop, but at least he’ll look good while rooting out any heresy.

We also have a squadron of Aeronautica Thunderbolts painted up by Steven Thomas. The colour scheme is based on a US navy World War Two scheme that he found on the internet. Aeronautica is perfect for these slightly more realistic paint schemes, and Thomas has done a great job capturing the style with the new contrast paints and dry brushing in the direction of travel.

And that will about do it for today. I’ll be back at the end of March with another update for you all, so if you don’t want to miss out on that or any of the other great content we put out, please like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics.

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