New Year Painting Challenge: July

It’s the end of another month, so its time to show you what I’ve been working on for this year’s Painting Challenge. Like last month I don’t have too much to show off, mainly as I have been taking some much need time off with the family before they lose me to all the lovely miniatures I have to paint from the Indomitus box set.

As you will know if you have been following this series, I have already hit my target for yearly models painted, so now it’s a case of seeing how far I can take it before we reach the end of the year. I have already managed to paint a whole chaos army and a decent part of my Blackstone Fortress set so far, so if I can keep up a decent pace for the latter half of the year I expect I should be able to have another army finished before we reach December.

First up we have five addition Paladins for my “Ghost” Knights. Now, I know what I said a few months ago. I said I was finished with my Grey Knights and wouldn’t be doing any more on them. But with the new edition looking like it will support elite armies, I wanted to try out Paladins alongside the more traditional Terminators as a force of 2+/5++, two wound warriors. This meant I needed a few more Paladins to make up my bomb.

Not much to say on the painting of these guys, as I have talked about them so much by now. I did decide to add some red to the eyes of all my models in the army as I felt it give them a bit more of a creepy ‘beyond the grave’ feel. I also decided that from 9th edition moving forward I wouldn’t be running dreadnoughts in this army, as I feel they don’t really fit into the whole ghost army theme. What will I do with my three venerable dreadnoughts then? You will have to wait and see.

Next up we have a Necron Immortal I used as a tester for my upcoming xenos army. I went back and forth on how to paint this model, and by extension the Necrons in my Indomitus set. In the end I decided to paint them in a similar fashion to how Guy from MidWinter Minis painted his army, giving them a sandstone/living statue feel.

If you want to copy the scheme yourself, I’ll link you to Guy’s channel, which you should really check out as he does some great content. If you do nip over, let him know I sent you. Since I don’t have an air brush, I had to use the dry brushing technique to achieve the light source effect, which I feel came out quite nicely all thing considered. It also didn’t take me that long to paint either, so I imagine it won’t take me too long to get a decent number of Necrons paint by the end of the next month.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, but what about the rest of the community? Well first up we have Dylan Smith and his latest addition to his Lizardmen for Age of Sigmar. Seraphon are one of my favourate factions from AoS from an aesthetic stand point, and this Stegadon looks like it will be a great centre piece for Dylan’s army.

Next, we the new Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus painted by Steven Thomas. A beautiful model and nice addition to any imperial army, Steven has done a great job bringing this model to life. I look forward to seeing her on the battlefield in the near future.

Conner Warbrick has taken a break from painting Orks and has started on his own copy of Indomitus. He has converted the captain from the set with some additions from the Sanguinary Guard and Custodian Guard sets to create the leader of his own Space Marine chapter, Chapter Master Varrox. Maybe next month we will get to see more of these noble defenders of humanity.

Lastly, we have Ossiarch Bonereapers of Jack Winfield. Our resident LGS staffer, Jack has used the pandemic to do some great work and finish off this horde of the undead. He is very excited to get started on his Necrons next, which makes me wonder if he is secretly a necromancer since he seems to have an affinity everything dead.

And that will do it for today. As I stated at the start of the article I didn’t get as much painted as I wanted to this month, but I’m still rather pleased with my progress. I’ll be back at the end of August, hopefully with a whole bunch of new Space Marines and Necrons to share with you all. So, if you don’t want to miss out on that or any of the other great content we do please like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics.

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