Painting Log: The Eternal Battle Against the Grey.

As we all know, building and playing with new miniatures is so much fun. The joy of getting a new unit on the battlefield and reaping a blood toll on your enemies is one of the best parts of the hobby, and something I expect a lot of us find joy in. What is sometimes the harder part is getting some layers of paint on those miniatures.

While painting is a fun and very rewarding part of the hobby, it can sometimes feel like a chore, especially if you are trying to finish thirty or so Ork Boyz. This can lead to cases and shelves of unpainted miniatures accumulating over time, and before you know it you’ve already started a new army while two or three more sit there with only an undercoat (and that’s if they are lucky).

This is the case with me, as I am sure it is with many of you out there. So, a while ago I decided to do something about it and actually get my damn models painted. This started with my ‘Ghosts of Mortain’ Grey Knight army and quickly expanded to some of my long-forgotten projects. In fact, the last time I did an article on my painting schedule I stated I was going to be starting work on a new Nurgle Daemon army. I stated in that article I would show you my progress in around a months’ time.

That was around three months ago. However, I would like to say in my defence it wasn’t all my fault I have fallen behind in my painting duties. In fact, I had managed to get most of the models finished not long after that article went live. the only thing left to do was to give them a quick varnish and then take some photos for the article. Since I was needing to varnish a decent number of miniatures in one go, I decided to us some spray vanish in order to get them all done in one go. And well…

Yeah, turns out it was a bad idea. The miniatures I sprayed ended up ruined by what I can only assume was a bad batch of spray. The lone Herald above was the least affected model of the lot and I was fairly dishearten by the whole affair. And yes, I tested the spray before use, but the white mist only showed up the next day. So, I have put the Daemons of hiatus for now. I might come back to them in the new year, provided I can salvage/strip them without too much issue.

But there is a sliver lining to all this. You see, I might not have painted the Daemons I wanted to, but I did finally get around to painting some large friends for my Grey Knights.

Yes, I was tired of not been able to handle heavy armour with the Sons of Titan, so I decided to bring in some heavy hitters to do the job for me.

I wanted them to fit in with the rest of the army but thought painting a bunch of Knights as ‘ghosts’ would possibly be taking the theme a little bit too far. So, I decided to paint them all dishevelled and in dark metallic colours, making them look like they had been abandoned and all their heraldry had corroded away. Then I painted the power sources in the same manner that I had done my Grey Knights, giving them the effect of being piloted by restless spirits seeking vengeance on the enemies of mankind.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I’m in no way a Heavy Metal painter and usually go for tabletop standard, and I feel their look fits well with the whole aesthetic of the army. I am a little bit worried I seem to be heading in to making an entirely undead imperial force, what with my ghost Grey Knights and possessed war engines. I reckon I will be ok so long as I don’t end up doing a zombie Guard army. Although that does sound cool?

Anyway, I have decided that starting in the new year I’ll be embarking on a new painting schedule in order to get my collection somewhat finished. I still have a Warhammer Quest Box Set I have to unpack and play with, so I will be setting myself some goals in the new year. Hopefully by the end of 2020 I’ll have at least made a dint in my pile of unpainted miniatures. Only time will tell.

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