First look at Treasure Chests!

Wizards has embraced the cornucopia of value that is Black Friday with their new promotional buy-a-box boosters – Treasure Chests! These plastic-sealed packets of purchasing persuasion are available for a limited time coming bundled with boxes of any set back to and including Kaladesh (while supplies last) and inside each you will find:

Two premium foil basic lands 

Four rares or mythics from Standard-legal sets

Two premium foils from any Standard-legal set

and, the main event…

One alternate art, foil, double-faced card from Ixalan

A promo Search for Azcanta and more chances to get The Scarab God or Chandra, Torch of Defiance you’re after is an enticing prospect! Wizards were kind enough to send us a couple of these boosters in advance so let’s get down to business and see what we pulled!



We’ve got a handy pricing of our packs below (prices from Magic Card Market as of 20th November 2017).

Pack 1 Price (€) Pack 2 Price (€)
Deadeye Tracker 0.70 Spell Swindle 0.72
Honored Hydra 0.29 Earthshaker Khenra 0.83
Hour of Revelation 0.67 Glorybringer 3.62
Pira Nalaar 0.5 Battle at the Bridge 0.27
Foil Repeating Barrage 0.2 Foil Ruin Raider 0.95
Foil Raider’s Wake 0.1 Foil Crook of Condemnation 0.75
Promo Forest 1.02 Promo Plains 0.80
Promo Island 0.97 Promo Island 0.97
Promo Treasure Map 6.00 Promo Dowsing Dagger 4.94
Total =  10.45 Total =  13.85

These promos really are stunning! Though the fancy flip foils are currently at pre-order prices there’s certainly value to be found! Of course, this is all on top of whatever you pull in your box. While we weren’t as lucky as with our Ixalan buy-a-box boosters these are still a great bonus on top of any box purchase.

You can find more information about the promotion here and a list of the sets eligible here!

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