Halloween MTG Challenge

It is that time of year again where ghosts and ghouls go in search of a fresh meal and the things that go bump in the night come out to play with us mere mortals. Yes, Halloween is less than two weeks away, and its about time we all got in the festive mood. Every year I like to get into the Halloween spirit, either by eating far too much candy while dressed as a creature of the night, by watching a marathon of bad scary movies, or by diving into a new ‘spooky’ themed deck (oh who am I kidding, I’ll be doing all three).

This year I decided I would brave the fields of battle in the realms of EDH/Commander and build myself a Halloween themed deck full of monsters and ghouls. But much like a bad horror movie or dressing up for a spooky party, it’s the fun of doing it with friends that makes it enjoyable. So I set out to see if I could recruit some other content creators to get into the Halloween spirit and make their own terrifically terrifying concoctions. I put out the call and thankfully I got a call back from these fine creatures of the night.









Each of these ghoulish denizens of the deep has been tasked with creating a spooky, Halloween themed Commander deck based around a suitable scary subject. However, we didn’t want to make things easy for them. So rather than give them free reign to create their monstrosities, I decided to lay down some rules if they wanted to ‘play a game.’ The restrictions were as follows:

1. The decks must not cost more than $50 in paper.
2. The decks must be built with the idea of fun and balanced gameplay in mind. We mustn’t have any turn 1 kills. I want to see them play with their food
3. The decks must be based around literary and pop culture themes of horror. Everything is fair game.

And that was it. The rest would be up to them. I gave them about a month to see what they could come up with, and boy they didn’t disappoint. What will follow in the coming week is a bunch of fun and thematic deck ideas for you all to enjoy. Each will capture a different feeling of dread and terror and are great for playing some fun games over the Halloween season.

Each of our victims, I mean participants, will be taking us through their list over the next week or so either here or via their own channels/websites. Each of them will be promoting it on twitter with the hashtag #HalloweenMTG, so if you aren’t already following them, I would do so now so you can be made aware when their decklists go live.

What’s more, since the decks are fairly budget (at least as far as Commander goes) each of them is a great way for you to get into arguably the best format MTG has to offer. So, either feel free to copy any of the decklists or try brewing your own creepy deck for the holiday season.

I’ll also be releasing my own spooky list, so be sure to follow me @MTGTengu if you want to see what creepy crawlies I will be summoning. We are also hopefully going to be playing some games together if all goes as planned, so keep your eyes peeled for information on that.

If you have your own plans for Halloween, we would love to hear about them in the comments below. While you’re there you could like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics.

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