Scryed Away Sunday: 03.Dec.17

This week we lost magic cosplayer Christine Sprankle because of internet harassment, and we had to ask some serious question about how we should treat each other in this community. 

But it wasn’t all bad news in the world of Magic the Gathering, over the pond MTG Young Mage raised over $2,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation.

Oh, and Silver boarded cards are legal in Commander. So that’s a thing.

Pleasant Kenobi introduced us to the wonderful world of 1 Tix Commander, his new favourite MTGO format.

Though don’t watch the live stream… because he’s rude… I told you I’d watch it later VINCENT!

The Orcs Head guys brought us episode 16 of the Ugins Insight Podcast.

DijitalLlama brings us a deck tech along with a booster opening.


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