Scryed Away Sunday: 04.02.2018

Last weekend several members of the UKMTG community were invited by Channel Fireball to attend GP London. We all had a great time, check out what we all got up to.

The remaining content creators managed to snap a quick pic as Sunday was wrapping up! It was really great to hang with everyone.

We had a winner for our treasure hunt, he did a great job battling the creators during the Spell Slingers event!

Up and coming creator Fabian, AKA MTGBro2Pro, is getting serious, we are very excited to see content coming from Fabian this year, he is booked into 10 GPs. He will be documenting his journey to gaining pro points. Watch this space!

Pleasant Kenobi opens boosters with a fan at GP London. [Strong language warning]

Orcs Head Magic get an interview with The Professor.

DijitalLlama shares his first GP Experience.

Life Begins at 20 also shares his first GP experience.

TOTALmtg shares his GP too, plus an interview with The Professor.

MagicTheGatheringUK opens some boosters today!

And MTGMagpie opens a booster box!

I have been asked quite a bit if we accept guest articles, we do! Email us at

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