Scryed Away Sunday: 10.12.17

Wizards of The Coast take action in regards to their Code of Conduct regulations. – Article Link.

Guest article spotlight goes to Rob for his 1 Tix Commander write up. – Article Link.

Jordan at Orcs Head Magic brings a deck tech on a Soul Sisters variant.

Dijital Llama got in on the Unstable Previews.

TotalMTG Also getting in on the preview action.

Plesant Kenobi isn’t having the best time right now, we are all sending our love. Despite this, he still manages to upload content for us all. <3

If booster opening junkies somehow didn’t get their fix this week, MTGMagpie has a booster advent calendar.

Life Begins at 20 also getting in on the Un-action.

And that’s my round-up for this week. If you are or know of any UK content creators who deserve a shout out let me know, and if you want to feature on the UKMTG community page Tweet me. If you have something to say, send an email to and maybe you can be featured in our guest article spot.

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