Scryed Away Sunday: 11.02.2018

We apologise for the delay in this Scry. We mulled to 4 on the play in the finals and couldn’t claw it back from there.

A few things to keep an eye on;

We have playmats for sale on the site. For each playmat sold, a donation will be made to The British Heart Foundation.

A Big shout out to Simon Nielsen(RedButtonTie), Pete Ward (killablastlol)  and Matt Foulkes (Matthewfoulkes) for steaming constantly for 120 hours last week!

Watch 120 HOUR STREAM! Standard MOCS Play-Offs with Gold Pro Simon Nielsen *10 minutes delay* from RedButtonTie on

New on our radar is CardboardBadger! And no need to be disappointed, there is a badger! GB Minus Counters, full deck tech analysis.

DijitalLlama is all about sharing his face now, he is also showing off the Art of MTG RIX book so you can have a peek at what treasures you can get for yourself. Check out his new awesome playmat, I wonder where he got that… *ahem* Thank you as always for the shout out on your videos.

Mark from LifeBeingsAt20 opens some packs and discusses his picks.

MagicTheGatheringUK opens some Iconic Masters boosters. Could we get some vorthos confirmation on what the creature in Butchers Glee is?

Boosters! Boosters! Boosters! MTG Magpie casually forgot about a Planeswalker deck. Let’s open it!

Jordan from Orcs Head Magic is opening his subscription box.

Vince, better known as Pleasant Kenobi on the internet wraps up his Fan Art competition.

TOTALmtg is making only the fanciest of videos these days, check out his Esper Mastermind deck.

That’s a wrap! 

If you would like to be featured here, or know someone who you think should be, get in touch!

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