Scryed Away Sunday: 12.Nov.17

Wizards Announcments

And DailyMTG will be getting a big change around. – Wizards Announcement Article

Katie at Wizards shows us what we will find in Explorers on Ixalan. – Wizards Decklist Article

It’s time to play leagues, Wizard’s have acknowledged that a large percentage of players play at home and are now embracing that. As someone who cant always make it to FNM I quite like this. Check out how you can get involved with Leagues here. – Wizards Article Link

From The Vault: Transform has been revealed. We will be seeing glossy flippers coming soon, there was no Westvale Abbey which makes me a little sad as it is one of my top flippers. Throughout the week we are seeing retailers getting upset about the allocations to stores, your biggest store will only be getting 15. Maybe this makes it feel truly exclusive or maybe there will be a lot of upset players who didn’t preorder soon enough. – Wizards Article link

Dan at Wizards of The Coast did a live stream unboxing the new Duel Decks Merfolk vs LADS! Goblins.

Nate and Chris bring us some Spooky arena gameplay.

Prime 1 Studio Nicol Bolas

We all need to take a moment to appreciate this work of art. Coming from Wargaming this really calls out to me. I am pretty excited to see an Ugin in the future? *Ahem*. 
I have wanted to play a Magic D&D campaign for a while now, all I can imagine is coming up against this, once… Everyone dies, we start over an someone pulls a Tezzeret. 


A couple of Manaleak articles caught my eye this week;

How to become a better player by John O’Leary.

A very educational article which will give you plenty to consider to help you up your game.

Magic and Depression by Nike Löte.

Something that many of us can relate to, a topic I have always considered covering.


 Orcs Head Magic

 Jordan at Orcs Head Magic has started uploading his Vlog from GP Liverpool. We got a chance to meet up for some chats over the weekend however, we didn’t get to play any games or do any videos together. Oops! Check out what he had to say about his day one.

Jordan brings us Budget Elves deck. We have a thing for budget brews and I have a thing for ramp so I’m are all over this! We should be seeing more Budget Modern decks on the way from Jordan. Also check out #MTGRecruiterChallenge on Twitter.

Pleasant Kenobi

Vincent commits to hating himself and plays Commander. I watched in pain as he graphically describes his bodily sensations and sexual fantasies. He plays a few “Lads!” – Chris Warrington 2017 and yeah… I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Vincent Live streams, which I was going to watch, instead I watched Bojack Horseman… Sorry? If like me you were distracted by talking horsemen, the now not-live stream can be watched below and is worth the 4 hours. What were you really planning to do with those 4 hours anyway? Play Commander?

And Finally, he gets banned from Reddit for being too meme, “Not constructive content?” Or something vaguely along those lines, he’s not bitter about it at all either! Jeff seems fine with becoming a meme so at least somebody wins right? 

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