Scryed Away Sunday: 14.01.2018

This week has been an exciting one for the UKMTG community. Recently several of us were contacted by Channel Fireball and now a few giveaways are happening, as well as all of us confirming our attendance to London GP. Not all of the videos are live yet, but today I will share the ones that are.  Also, Join us on Reddit to keep yourself up to date with everything that is going on! Let’s be fair, this is only a highlight of the week and its always possible that I could miss something out.

Here at Master Of Magics we too shall be doing a giveaway, but as well as a golden ticket, we plan on giving out some other prizes as the 17th is our websites One Year Anniversary! It is slowly creeping up to three years since I started my Facebook and Twitter blog and we have come quite a way since! We have a super packed week of content coming up to celebrate!

If that wasn’t enough to celebrate we hit 100 subscribers on YouTube and we are already creeping closer to 200. My twitter account is coming close to having 400 Followers which is great!

Thank you so much to all of our readers and watchers! We have had lots of messages and comment with really positive feedback, the stuff that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

Prepare yourself for some “squeeing” as MTGMagpie starts off the new year with some UNlove!

We get double videos from Tim at DijitalLlama this week, unboxing the Planeswalker Decks. He throws in the #UKMTG shoutout!

PleseantKenobi preaches about Cat Jesus, giving his own special brand of commentary on some gameplay. We are sending lots of love over to Vince right now, as he’s a great part of our community, a little bit like the best man at a wedding, who maybe drank too much before his speech and starts off with “When we were at the strip club on the stag do…” And everyone is laughing except the Bride whilst the Groom insists there was no strip club.

If you would like to see our very own James Wise vs Vince in Pauper, the video should start just before their match. #TeamMoM vs #TeamPK

Mark at Life Begins at 20 is doing a big giveaway! He explains some things going on at GP London as he will also be attending. Then we have his Pre-Prerelease deck tech.

Jordan is back! And he has a big giveaway too!

Matt from TOTALmtg opens his Pre-Prerelease pack. Keep an eye out for his giveaway coming soon!

Thank you so much for supporting the UKMTG community!

If you have something you would like to share you can tweet me at @masterofmagics on Twitter or you can email at

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