Scryed Away Sunday: 15.04.2018

An Apology that this Scryed Away Sunday is a little late, our website crashed when this should have gone live and apparently never got posted.

This week in the Magic community, Zavvi announce their Official MTG Merch.

If anyone wanted an idea for my birthday, I want a Void sweatshirt.

We have a guest article about Legacy stompy and what Dominaria cards could find their way into Legacy.

Brewing Legacy Stompy Decks with Rob White

Badgie at CardboardBadger has a give away for us.

Some Booster pack cracking from MagicTheGatheringUK.


Flip It Friday from MTGMagpie.

Jordan from OrcsHeadMagic does a Brawl deck tech for us.

Vincent, better known as PleasantKenobi, goes back to his roots with GW Death and Taxes.

Matt from TOTALmtg upgrades the Second Suns Challenger deck.

Thanks for checking out what is going on in the UKMTG scene this week, if you know someone who deserves a shout out let us know over Twitter or via email at

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