Scryed Away Sunday: 19.Nov.17

At Master Of Magics we have attended a Standard PPTQ so articles will be up about that in the coming week.

We will also have a special Booster opening up on Monday so keep an eye out for that.

Samuel has acquired himself a full modern deck finally!

Jordan at Orcs Head challenged James Wise to a game using their budget #MTGRecruiterChallenge decks and Jordan should be uploading a video on that in the coming week.

Lots from Wizards this week;

We have a good amount of Unstable cards revealed. – Card Image Gallery

Wizards have a competition on so you could reveal your own card!

I am personally excited about this.

We got a sneak peek of a beloved character of Magic past, is Jaya alive and well on Dominaria?

Life Successfully has been interviewing Magic Content creators including me. – Life Successfully Interview with Abbie From Master of Magics.

Tim at Dijital Llama is back with product openings.


Some great games of Death and Taxes Eldrazi style, the best way to play Magic.

I finally got to watch his Monday stream.

Dr Vince experiments in the Kitchen.


Jordan brews Modern budget Tron Hydras. Anything with Tron lands is a 10/10 from me.

The last two parts of the GP Vlog.

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