Scryed Away Sunday: 21.01.2018

Release weekend is here! Everyone is tearing into Rivals of Ixalan, I hope you are all having fun!

Our birthday celebrations are coming to an end, don’t forget to enter our Giveaway! There are plenty of things up for grabs, including a Golden Ticket to any Channel Fireball GP.  A bunch of the content creators down below are doing giveaways too.

We will also be attending GP London! At the GP we will be holding a Treasure hunt. I intend on releasing the official Treasure Hunt rules as an article this coming week, and I may do a short video to explain too. I’ve put together a playmat which Myself and all of the other UKMTG creators in attendance will sign, we will also ask the Artists and Pros nicely if they will sign too.

Pleasant Kenobi has taken a short break but has a video lined up this week and will be at the GP this coming weekend.

If you haven’t had enough booster opening MagicTheGatheringUK shares their Prerelease pack!

TOTALmtg has hit 3000 subscribers! Congrats to Matt! He has a give away so check it out!

Over at Orcs Head Magic, Jordan has a deck tech in my favourite draft colours!

Mark, from Life Begins at 20, gives us his rundown on the top 5 picks of each rarity from Rivals of Ixalan to add to your cube.

Tim from DijitalLlama has a Gremlins deck tech for us.

MTG Magpie is back at it with Flip it Friday.


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