Scryed Away Sunday: 25.02.2018

I did a narration for Did You Know Magic for one of my favourite characters in the Multiverse.

On the #UKMTG scene this week;

Jordan from Orcs Head Magic starts the week off with a deck tech.

He once again challenges James, this time it will be live.

Mark from LifeBeginsAt20 talks about what it is like to be a content creator, something everyone on this page has also been through, currently is going through or will eventually go through.

Orcs Head Chris challenges James to standard.

TOTALmtg celebrates the unbanning of Bloodbraid Elf with Sams favourite deck Ponza.

Cardboard Badger has some booster opening for us.

Vincent gets out his Digeridoo in Legacy “Minotaur” tribal.

MTGMagpie celebrates 100 subs with packs.

DijitalLlama cracks packs. Booster lovers are spoilt for choice this week.

マジック:ザ・ギャザリングUK はいくつかのブースターパックを開きます。

There is plenty going on in the UK scene so be sure to subscribe to these great channels.

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