Scryed Away Sunday: 25.03.2018

Don’t you hate it when you wait ages for a bus, then two turn up at once? Well this week we are coming at you with two weeks worth of content! Let’s get to it!

Cardboard Badger Brings us an unblockable budget deck tech and celebrates hitting 150 Subscriber with a giveaway! You go Badgie!

DijitalLlama brings us Cat Tribal gameplay and reviews The Art of Magic book.

From LifeBeginsAt20, Mark ranks his top 10 downshifts from Master25 and gives us the run down of the white cards from his Pauper cube.


MTGMagpie Celebrates their one year anniversary! Congrats! And Orcs head send over a box of shine!

I love Allies and I love this Video from OrcsHeadMagic, WUBRG deck tech and a box opening for those who love to crack packs.

PleasantKenobi graces us with EDH and Chill featuring RhysticStudies aka Magic Man Sam and a Modern GB deck tech.

Matt at TOTALmtg brings us a dino deck tech and game play featuring Mark from LifeBeginsAt20 trying out the new Challenger decks.

If you or someone you know from the UK should be featured in Sunday Scrying let us know! Or if you have an article you would like to share with the world we have spaces free on our Saturday guest slot. Thanks for checking us out, see you next week!

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