Scryed Away Sunday: 26.Nov.17

If you missed it, we got some Ixalan Treasure Chest Boosters last week. I informed you of allocation changes, how you’ll get your own and opened them up.

Wizards of The Coast

Wizards had a competition to win a card preview. 

Orcs Head Gaming

Jordan has a giveaway for hitting 300 subs.

Iconic masters box opening with Chris and Jordan.

#MTGRecruiterChallenge $10 deck deck.

Then they play off, Jordan Vs James! #TeamMoM

Dijital Llama

Holiday Gift Pack opening.

Pleasant Kenobi

Helps us become Pro Players with his handy advice… right?

Another Monday stream, I got to heckle a little bit whilst I sat at my favourite restaurant trying not to laugh…

Please Contact us to appear on the Sunday feed. Also Tweet using #UKMTG!

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