Sunday Scrying: 23.12.2017

In the run-up to Christmas, what has the UKMTG community been up to?

Life Begins at 20 has a giveaway.

Chris from Orcs Head Magic builds Pauper Allies, and for those who know my pet tribe, this deck is very much approved by me.

DijitalLlama has Boosters and Brews for us!

Pleasant Kenobi gives us a quick update. Once again, massive congratulations for raising so much money from the 24-hour stream!

CreaYTors challenged the community to bring some festive cheer!

MTGMagpie is getting pretty close to the last advent opening, be sure to check back to see what is opened on the 25th!

TOTALmtg bring us some game play.

The Professor will be making an appearance at GP London.

Magic The Gathering UK opens some Unstable.

That’s a wrap, I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas. If you are a UK content creator send me a tweet so I can follow you or if you would like to feature on our site send an email to

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