Treasure Hunting

Ixalan’s savage jungles have protected the ancient golden city of Orazca for an age. The Legion of Dusk, vampire conquistadors in mighty ships, set out on lavish expeditions to delve into the tropical depths. Meanwhile the Brazen Coalition, a roguish part of pirates, ┬ápillage and plunder under the command of Admiral Beckett Brass. Both sides are beset by mighty dinosaurs and their equally terrifying riders, proud natives of the Sun Kingdom that are masters of beast and blade. Between all three the Merfolk of the River Heralds band tightly in the murky waters, their community their strength. Each side seeks control of treasures of gold and gems amongst the verdant jungles – but not all treasure is so far afield…

We here at Master of Magics were proud to be part of the “Exploring Ixalan by Exploring our World” event. For those unfamiliar, Magic has teamed up with geocaching to send out thousands of Ixalan treasure pieces to be hidden in geocaches around the world. Each of the geocache containers stays in the same place but the treasure pieces are trackable and are to be moved from container to container. As the pieces move Ixalan cards are previewed!

So, on Thursday last week a contingent of the crew – Abbie, Sean, Chris Warrington (and his kids), and myself – set out to our local wilderness of the Peak District to find a home for our geocache!

And we did! Or so we thought… Well, we’d picked out this lovely spot behind the tree pictured above only it turned out that a geocache hadn’t loaded properly on the map we were using and we had placed ours too close to another one. A slight inconvenience but it’s only a half hour bus journey from Sheffield city centre to get out to where we stashed our cache so a a different team of only Abbie, myself, and our friend Jake set out once more!

Another lovely spot, with an even nicer view. Only we found out this spot was a protected site. After waiting two weeks for approval our emails have been bounced between departments and we have gotten no further.

We failed at planning and that’s what will get us killed in the war.” – Chris Warrington.

We hope that our Cache will be approved and will at least help with the next set of preview cards.

If you succeed in our Treasure Hunt on your Quest for the Holy Relic you’ll find our Hidden Stockpile will allow you to trade Trash for Treasure to take you from Rags // Riches, though when you’re taking something from the box please leave something nice – we wouldn’t want a complete Garbage Fire!


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