Abbie Deleval
Master of Magics
“In Phyrexia we trust” A self-confessed green mage (and secret agent of Phyrexia) Abbie is the creator/founder of MoM. Abbie truly lives and breathes magic (as well as ruling over us with an iron fist).
James Wise
Master at Arms
"40 one drops is okay right?" Every group needs a grizzled veteran, and the masters are no exception. Igniting his spark back with 8th Edition, James has learned many things playing this fine game. Lady luck is fickle, you will get mana flooded, and ‘white weenie’ is the only true way to play magic.
Chris Vincent
Master of Playmats
“Hang on, in response…” Attacking for lethal? Comboing off? Don’t be silly! This UWX mage has accumulated a stockpile of playmats through an uncanny ability to play spells and attack at the most annoying moment possible. Chris travels for events and usually forgetting to bring one of his hard-earned playmats.
Samuel Peters
Master of Monsters
“I miss Polukranos…” A lover of gruul, temur, and brewing, Sam lives for finding his own way through the meta - as long as it involves good creatures. Though his decklists might seem suboptimal, there’s no confusion when Sam’s swinging in for lethal with a corner case you never saw coming.
Chris Warrington
Master of Metal
“Death to all but metal.” By day, this mild-mannered educator imparts knowledge of flickering myths to the next generation of potential mages. But, when the sun goes down, he shows his affinity for metal and magic: demanding they unban skullclamp, make all artifact lands modern legal and print more Moxen.
Sean Johnson
Master of Evolution
"Turtle Power" Some people turn to the Simic for power. some see it as a step towards the completion of some great plan for all biological life. and some believe you can always improve on perfection. For Sean, well, he just believes 'Turtle Tribe' is a thing, and who are we to argue.
Sebastian Mansley
Master of Removal
“That dies to Doom Blade, right?” Black Mages have a terrible image problem. Everyone thinks they hate fun, and are only happy when they’re killing all your creatures. Luckily, Sebastian does his best to challenge this status quo. By destroying all his opponent’s creatures, and hating fun. Wait, what?