Deck: Modern Mill

Deck list taken from Milltown Amonkhet.

Creatures (10)
 Hedron Crab
 Jace's Phantasm
 Manic Scribe

Instants (9)
 Visions of Beyond
 Crypt Incursion
 Archive Trap

Sorceries (9)
 Glimpse the Unthinkable
 Mind Funeral

Artifacts (7)
 Mesmeric Orb
 Ensnaring Bridge

Enchantment (3)
 Fraying Sanity
Lands (22)
 Darkslick Shores
 Flooded Strand
 Polluted Delta
 Marsh Flats
 Shelldock Isle
 Ipnu Rivulet
 Watery Grave
 Ghost Quarter

Sideboard (15)
 Leyline of the Void
 Profane Memento
 Crypt Incursion
 Set Adrift
 Hurkyl's Recall


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