Deck: Simic Energy

Deck list taken from our Article “Unlimited Power”



Creature (20)
Servant of the Conduit
Aether Theorist
Sage of Shaila's Claim
Longtusk Cub
Architect of the Untamed
Aethersquall Ancient

Sorceries (6)
Attune with Aether
Confiscation Coup

Instants (2)
Glimmer of Genius

Enchantments (4)
Aether Meltdown

Land (24)
Aether Hub
Botanical Sanctum
Lumbering Falls
Sideboard (15)
Ceremonious Rejection
Deadlock Trap
Blossoming Defense
Empyreal Voyager
Scatter to the Winds
Dynavolt Tower
How would you build a Simic Energy deck for Standard?
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