Deck: G/U Octopus Emerge

G/U Octopus Emerge

Taken from our article An Emerging Strategy.

Planeswalkers (2)
Kiora, Master of the Depths

Creatures (27)
 Sylvan Advocate
 Matter Reshaper
 Foul Emissary
 Primal Druid
 Elvish Visionary
 Elder Deep-Fiend
 Duskwatch Recruiter
 Decimator of the Provinces
Drowner of Hope

Lands (25)
 Lumbering Falls
 Woodland Stream
 Yavimaya Coast
 Sanctum of Ugin

Instant (6)
 Titan's Presence
 Clash of Wills

Sideboard (15)
 Den Protector
 Clip Wings
 Aerial Volley
 Reality Smasher
 Evolutionary Leap
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