Warhammer Age of Sigmar: A Tale of Two Armies

A few weeks ago, I told you all that this was going to be the year I branched out and give Age of Sigmar the old college try. This has been on my to do list for a while now, and I had even built my Nurgle Daemon force to use as both a way to test out this new system while also giving me a fun faction to play in 40k. over the last few weeks I have managed to get a few games in with member of my local gaming group (virtually, of course) and despite the multitude number of times I have moved on directly to the movement phase (forgetting that Magic happens first in this game) I have had a lot of fun with AoS.

Another part of this dive into Warhammer Age of Sigmar, was the idea of introducing the wonderful world of Tabletop Miniature gaming to my children. As a parent, I have enjoyed being able to share my love of gaming with both of them and have been delighted to see that they both share their dads love of playing board games (Talisman is currently the top new game in the house). Both now they are of that age where they are interested in what daddy does with miniatures but are not yet old enough to get into the hobby themselves.

They have been exposed to the worlds of both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k thanks to my old collection of White Dwarfs and the audio versions of the Warhammer Adventures series of books, of which the fantasy collection seems to have inspired them more. So, if I was to start my Age of Sigmar journey, I thought it would be fun to experience it with them too.

This set and a box of Grots will from the start of my Destruction force.

As I stated previously, I was going to be build a small Destruction force as a project alongside my children (bravely letting them pick the paint scheme for them) and was even given some Gloomspite Gitz at Christmas by them to start me off. But as with any tale of high fantasy, every villainous force needs heroes to oppose them. I mean, Nurgle vs Grots could be fun, but we want some variety on our tabletops. So, I’m not building one new army! I’m building two.

Recently I came across a sealed version of the Thunder & Blood box set from AoS’s first edition, that I am splitting with a fine chap from my gaming group. He is getting some reinforcements to add to his Blades of Khorne, and I’m getting the start of a Stormcast force. Since I first laid eyes on them, I knew I wanted to paint some Stormcasts up. I have had some experience of playing them in both Warcry and Underworlds, and from what I have seen of them I feel they would be a fun project to paint up.

While not the current edition, this box is still great value for money. 

Additional, if I were to add some of the easy build Sequitors from the Mortal Realms magazine, I would be able to field a 500-point force of these demi-gods of war (the same number of points I can field with my Gloomspite Gitz). That would give me two Border Clash sized forces, one for each of my children to command, which just sounds like the perfect introduction to the game.

So here and now, I am setting myself a goal. Build and paint these two forces and take my children through a game of Age of Sigmar by the end of March. That gives me just under two months to complete this challenge, which seems doable if I don’t get distracted. This is in addition to the task of painting up the rest of my Chaos Daemons (which I’m very close to finishing up).

As I stated above, my children will be picking them colour scheme for my Gloomspite Gitz, but how I paint the Stormcasts is completely up to me. I’m a little bit tempted to treat them as another concept army and paint them up as living statues (or “Stonecasts” if you will). Either that or I’ll end up painting them in a similar fashion to my silver and blue Adeptus Custodes (which I feel looks great on heavily armoured infantry). First thing first though, I need to get them built up and ready for the tabletop.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with my progress in the coming months and who knows, I might just write up the ensuing battle up as a bat rep for some wholesome family content. If like me, you are trying out Age of Sigmar for the first time or introducing someone new to the hobby then why not tell us about it the comments below. Or you can let me know over on Twitter @TenguPlaysGames or on the Master of Magics Facebook page.

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