Hobby Workshop; January 2021

Welcome everyone, to Master of Magics and our first painting blog of 2021. In this series of article, new rechristened the Hobby Workshop, we aim to show off all the hobby and painting projects we have been working on over the previous month. During last year’s painting challenge I was able to paint up 174 new minis for various project and while I am not going to make any promises, it would be rather nice to at least match my total from previous year. I’ll also be making sure to keep you all you to date on the different challenges for our #MonthlyModelMelee, so you too can join in all the fun.

For those of you that need a refresher, #MonthlyModelMelee is a painting challenge where we set a theme and ask you to paint a single miniature within a single month. What you do with that theme is up to you, and you can go as big or as small as your heart desires. January’s theme was “New Year’s Revolution” and so I started the month off with this little chap, one of the Chaos Cultists from Blackstone Fortress.

I actually started this miniature last year, but I have had it on my painting shelf, waiting to be completed. And that’s really the aim of #MonthlyModelMelee. Giving us a chance (and excuse) to get our models painted. I decided to go with a sort of John Blanche style paint job for this guy, with rusted and drab colours to give it that real grim dark feel. Will I end up painting the rest of the squad before the end of the year, or will I get distracted with starting Age of Sigmar? Only time will tell.

Speaking of Age of Sigmar, the next couple of models I have painted are a pair of Daemon Princes to lead my Nurgle host into battle. My initial idea was to do a pure Maggotkin of Nurgle army, full of Daemons that could cross over from my 40k collection, as well as do battle in the Mortal Realms. But as a did some research into army lists for some inspiration, I discovered the Legion of Chaos Ascendant from Wrath of the Everchosen, a force of Daemons lead by the Prince who would be king, Be’lakor himself.

So, I decided to paint up the Lord of Darkness, as well as an additional (more generic) Daemon Prince to lead my armies into battle. I painted them is similar greys to how I did my other daemons, so that they would fit right in with other the Nurgle neverborn I worked on last year. The idea is to run them as part of a Host of Corruption battalion, with Be’lakor as a separate Leader for the army. This would mean I would need a few more units to fill out the requirements, so that’s what I worked on next.

This Poxbringer and unit of Nurglings are painted in much the same style as the rest of my army. However, I decided to try something different with the bases. You see, when you have a lot of units of the same type on the battlefield it can get a bit confusing when they start piling into melee. To avoid this, some players painted different squad markings or uniforms to differentiate these units. But since Plaguebearers don’t wear uniforms, and I didn’t fancy painting them all up in a bunch of contrasting colour schemes, I settled on adding different types of flock to their bases.

The idea is that as this army of disease matches to war their presents soils the very earth they walk on, rotting the very grass they cross over, turning it from green to yellow, and finally black. This will allow anyone looking at the battlefield to immediately tell any similar looking units apart, while allowing the models to maintain that wall of rotten flesh aesthetic.

Next up on the painting table I have another unit of thirty Plaguebearers and a three Plague Drones, which will not only give mean a ton of choice when building an Age of Sigmar army but should just about give me enough models to field a pure Daemons of Chaos 40k force. The dream of taking a single case to games night is alive. Well, when they open up again.

And that will do it for today. I’ll be back at the start of March with next Hobby Workshop of 2021. This month’s #MonthlyModelMelee theme is “Magic”, so have some fun painting something magicial, and if you want a chance to have it featured in the next article make sure to share it with us either of on Twitter @TenguPlaysGames, or via our Facebook page. If you don’t want to miss out on that or any of the other great content, we do here at Master of Magics, please like and subscribe to keep up to date.

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