Hobby Workshop; March 2021

Welcome back to Master of Magics ‘Hobby Workshop’, our series of articles looking at what our little community has been up to over the last month. As you might remember, last month I set myself the rather ambitious target of getting two 500-point Age of Sigmar armies painted you so I could introduce my children to the hobby and take them through their first game.

This might have been a bit too ambitious all things considered as though I had a good go, I couldn’t quite get the Gloomspite Gitz finished off before my arbitrary cut off point. Still, I did manage to paint up 500 points of Stormcast Eternals and play that intro game with my already finished Nurgle army (which my children really enjoyed) so I guess two out of three isn’t bad. Hopefully I won’t get distracted, and I’ll have the Grotz finished by the end of next month. Anyway, enough rambling. Let’s look at what I did get painted.  

First up, we have my #MonthlyModelMelee mini. As you might recall, March’s theme was “Brains not Brawn”. For my entry, I decided repaint/finish off this magister I originally painted for a local store challenge. The challenge in question was to take a character model and take a random selection of paints with which to bring it to life. I ended up with a ton of greys, so decided to try my had at a sort of non-metallic armour scheme. The result was ok, but I thought I could do a better job since I was on a bit of a time crunch last time. I’m fairly happy with the result, but I still don’t know where I’m going to use him, what with Nurgle and Tzeentch not been the best of friends.

Next up we have my Stormcast Eternals. Or rather, my ‘Stonecast’ Eternals. Since I wanted to get these minis battle ready and on the battlefield, I decided I was going to paint them up as a concept army. It might not be the most original idea (as any look at the many Stormcast groups will show you) but it’s a colour scheme that I think really works well for this armour warriors. With their solemn looking masks and heavy-set armour, they already have a “Golem” style feel to them, and so really suits this painting style.

For the colour scheme I followed the sandstone Necron guide from MidWinter Minis channel. Rather than go over the scheme here, I’ll link you to Guy’s channel which you should really check out as he does some great content. If you do nip over, let him know I sent you. Not owning an air brush, I had to use the dry brushing technique to achieve the light source effect from the eyes of my Eternals, which came out rather nicely.

By the end of the month, I had two units of Liberators, a unit of Retributors and a Lord-Relictor to lead them. I already have some other models primed and ready to go, so expect to see this grow quite rapidly in the coming months, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of next month, I end up with close to 2,000 points, which would be a rather nice achievement.

And that will do it for today. I’ll be back at the start of May with next Hobby Workshop of 2021. This month’s #MonthlyModelMelee theme is ‘Heroes of Legend’ so have some fun painting something/or someone epic. If you want a chance to have it featured in the next article make sure to share it with us either of on Twitter @TenguPlaysGames, or via our Facebook page. If you don’t want to miss out on that or any of the other great content, we do here at Master of Magics, please like and subscribe to keep up to date.

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