Today in 40k; Warhammer Fest 2019 Edition

Welcome, Imperial citizen, to Today in 40k, your monthly round-up of all the news from around the Imperium. As a servant of the God Emperor of Mankind, you must be ready not only in body to defend our grand Imperium, but also in mind. And so we have compiled all of the relevant data for you, so that you can be made aware of all of the happenings from the last month on holy terra. Of course, all diligent citizens should have already been made aware of all this data. If this is your first time reading of these texts, please finish this article and then report to your local Adeptus Arbites representative for crimes of heresy.

Praise be to the Omnissiah.

The wars of the Imperium of Man are going well, and we are all grateful to the many Imperial forces that work so diligently to expand our ever-growing empire. In order to facilitate this war effort, the priests of mars have been hard at work rolling out reinforcements to the Skitarii legions as well as the Emperor’s angels of death in the Adeptus Astartes. For those of you fortunate enough to be working closely with either of these forces, you might soon be seeing the deployment of the Skorpius Dunerider/Disintegrator and the Repulsor Executioner, respectively.

The Skorpius Dunerider will allow the Skitarii legions to deploy more rapidly on the battlefield, while the Skorpius Disintegrator and Repulsor Executioner will be used to deliver the Emperor’s justice to the enemies of man. Be vigilant for further news regarding these blessed additions to our forces.

Beware! Heresy!

Some of you might have heard unsettling rumours that some so-called ‘citizens’ have seen heretical constructs resembling the noble Knights of the Questor Imperialis battling loyalist forces on some lesser-known world or another. They might have even shown you some blasphemous imagery to support their claims, such as the examples below. You might have also heard mention of a tome referred to as the Codex Chaos Knights.

Firstly, I assume you have reported these blasphemers to your local Imperial representative for crimes of heresy. Secondly, we have been informed by Commander Waters of the Cadian 349th (currently posted in the Dharrovar system) that these images are fake and that such creations are not only impossible, but laughable. “To think that the nobles of the Questor households would turn from the Emperor’s light is ludicrous.” We tried to follow-up with Commander Waters regarding his statements, but unfortunately all communication with the Dharrovar system has been restricted by order of the Inquisition.

Fly your colours with Pride.

For those of you eager to look your best while completing your duties for the God Emperor, we have received some great news. The Adpetus Administratum has made us aware of a new innovation that will allow you to present your uniformed colours at their best. They are known as Contrast Paints.

According to the official release we have received, “Contrast is a new type of paint designed to make awesome results accessible to anyone, fast. With Contrast, you’ll have everything you get from a Base and Shade, but in a single application and a single coat. Contrast is more than just a new paint though – it’s a whole new way to approach painting. For those after a Battle-Ready finish, the Contrast Method has been devised to make awesome results easily attainable for absolutely anyone. You’ll be able to get your models ready for the tabletop in no time”. Although we are unsure what the term “Base and Shade” or “models ready for the tabletop” could mean, we are very excited about them being “Battle Ready.”

Be ready for War.

Whether you are a humble guardsman or a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Navy, you will be aware that you are but one piece in the vast army of the God Emperor’s Imperium. This is the greatest honour you could ever attain in your life, and we hope that, like us, you view it as such. We are never as powerful as when we stand together, and that should be even more apparent with the release of the new tome known in low gothic as Apocalypse.

This doctrine will give you all the information you will need to fight in larger battles than ever before, and to bring even more glory to yourself and your regiment. Some of you will find it a little overwhelming battling along side so many other loyal servants to the God Emperor, but fear not! All the relevant information will be provided for you in due time.

Battle Doctrine Update.

Also be aware that, as of two weeks ago, certain rules and regulations have been reevaluated and presented to you in the form of a handy ‘FAQ’ document. All loyal citizens must make sure they are up to date with this new information in order to maximise their effectiveness on the battlefield. A data link will be provided here to assist you all in your endeavours to protect the human race.

We hope you have found the information enclosed useful to the completion of your duties in the Emperor’s name. If you are authorised to read the unencrypted documents regarding these updates, you will find a link here. If you want to help support the war effort and donate some credits to this data site, you can do so at the Patreon linked below. We also request you like and subscribe to keep up to date with all the news and content this site provides. Until next time, citizen, remember: “There is only the Emperor,and he is our Shield and Protector.”

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