Warhammer at Gen Con 2021

This past weekend saw the return of Gen Con, one of the biggest tabletop conventions in the world. With Covid restriction easing and fans of all things tabletop able to attend in person, this year’s event was a return to normalcy for many in the hobby community. Many different companies sort to bring us all a sneak peek at some great projects that are coming down the pipeline. Games Workshop where themselves in attendance, and after a year of bringing us previous via the medium of twitch, they wasted no time in getting back into the in person previews we have all come to expect.

So today we are going to have a look at all the goodies that our favourite grim dark wargaming company has instore for us over the next couple of months, with products for all flavours of hobbyist. So, whether you are a fan of the Mortal Realms, or are fanatical about the battles of the 41st millennium, there should be something for you.

Onwards to Harrowdeep.

If like me you are a fan of the highly competitive Warhammer Underworlds, then you were wondering when the new season would be dropping and where we would be going. Well now both those question have been answered with the reveal of Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep.

After spending the last four seasons battling across the Spadespire and the Beastgrave, we now find ourselves heading into a forgotten dungeon deep beneath the seas in Ulgu. The new starter set will give players everything they need to jump right into the action, and will bring new rules for fighting in the Realm of Shadows, such as drowning the battlefield in gloom. And of course, two new warbands with which to beat each other senseless.

Representing the new Thunderstrike Stormcasts and Kruleboyz of the Orruk Warclans, these two new warbands will come with a whole sway of new tactics with which to challenge new and existing players, such as new Grand Alliance-specific cards for budding commanders. And of course, these two warbands well come with rules for use in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar as well. Now all we have to do is randomly speculate on which other warbands we have to look forward to. Too much to hope for some pirates I guess?

More from Kill Team.

Moving away from the grim darkness of the Mortal Realms, we now turn our attention to the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000 and some new goodies for Kill Team. First up we got to see the official starter boxset for this new edition, as well as the reveal of the individual boxed Kommandos and Veteran Guardmen. While some may still be a bit sceptical of the new edition, it is hard to argue that the miniatures are less than gorgeous, and soon we will be able to spam multiple units of them on the battlefield (so I guess I’ll finally be able to get the Death Korps of Krieg army built up).

But that was not all. We also got to have a look at Kill Team: Chalnath, the next big expansion for the game. Taking place in a maligned corner of Imperium Nihilus, Kill Team: Chalnath comes with two new additional forces. First up we have an upgrade for the T’au Pathfinders kit with a sprue to add a great number of options to the already-flexible squad. And facing them we have the Novitiates, Battle Sisters in training who are looking to prove themselves worthy of advancement. This brand-new kit is designed specifically for games of Kill Team, coming with immense flexibility in terms of loadout and posing. Hopefully we also get some regular 40k rules for these Battle Sisters, because I really want to see what they can do on the battlefield.

Foul Ball.

Turning to the wonderful world of fantasy football (no, not that kind) we got to have our first look at the newest team for Bloodbowl, The Skull-tribe Slaughterers. Ready to spill blood for the blood god, these brutal players look amazing and a great addition to an already stacked game.

Drawing inspiration from both classic fantasy and AoS’s Blades of Khorne, this team of savage sportsmen will be hitting the field sometime in the near future. Guess I better get my Lizardmen ready for a good smashing.

Gang Warfare.

Next up we head to the world of Necromunda, and three new releases that are heading our way very soon. First up, if you like the idea of gang warfare, but don’t feel like dedicating yourself to one of the many houses of Necromunda, then maybe you would be interested in commanding a gang of outlaws and mercenaries. Representing the waifs and strays from the wrong end of town, this new set allows you to start your own criminal empire in the depths of the underhive.

But what are miniatures without rules? Well fear not, the Book of the Outcast brings rules for using these Outcasts gang in your games of Necromunda, including scenarios, tactics, and more. And if you are looking for somewhere from them to call home, the new Underhive Market might just be the ticket you are looking for. Personally, I can’t what to get hold of some of these new minis. Not for Necromunda though. No, I think a might have finally found the perfect multipart kit for my Chaos Cult army.

Time for a Crusade.

And of course, the biggest reveal of the weekend was the first look at the new Black Templers range. Bringing these zealots of the imperium up to date with new Primaris sculpts and new rules, the Black Templars are ready to bring death to all the heretics and xenos of the galaxy.  

Coming first in a limited-edition Army Set that contains a Marshal, the Emperor’s Champion, a Redemptor Dreadnought, and a 10-man Primaris Crusader Squad with a ton of build options, you will soon be able to build up a new crusade or add to their current marshal force with all these new goodies. Not to mention that codex cover is giving me all the nostalgia vibes I could ask for. Sign me up.

And there you have it, the reveals form this years Gen Con. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with what we got to see, and I’m excited for the next few months of the hobby. My personal stand outs would have to be the new season of Warhammer Underworld, and the Outcast Gang minis. But what did you think of this weekend’s reveals? What has you the most excited? Tell us in the comments below, and while you are there why not consider liking and sharing our articles to help grow our little community. If you want to engage with me directly you can find me over on Twitter @TenguPlaysGames. I can be often found there posting random memes and teasing new articles before I write them.

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Oh, I almost forgot. There was one more thing…

What could it all mean I wonder?

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