Predictions for Beastgrave

Season three of Warhammer Underworlds if fast approaching, and with it comes a bunch of new additions to Games Workshop’s ultimate competitive miniatures game. After the Gen Con previews a few weeks ago, we now know the first two warbands that will be coming out as part of the season three core set – a vicious pack of Beastmen known as Grashrak’s Despoilers and the aelf-like creatures known as the Kurnothi. Both are ready to show us that Beastgrave will be a very different animal upon release as we finally step out of the mirrored city to explore the wilds of Ghur.

But what will the other warbands of this new season be? Will we see more savage creatures, or will the civilised races of the mortal realm adapt to these wild surroundings with warbands of hunters and rangers? Today, I wanted to take part in one of my favourite pastimes: wild speculation, and see if I can predict what warbands we will be seeing in addition to the Beastmen and Kurnothi. Will I get any of them right? Only time will tell.

The first thing we have to establish is how many new warbands we can expect during the Beastgrave season. If we take the last two seasons as an example, eight additional warbands are typically introduced per year, with the first two being exclusively available in the core set. In addition, the last season’s core set warbands also get a solo box release, but this appears to be in addition to the other sets. So, it’s likely that as well as the core set and Cursebreakers/Thorns of the Briar Queen getting released, we will see six new warbands introduced this year.

I am not including the promised releases of the Dreadfane warbands in my predictions, as it is more likely they will be a bonus release. After all, the Ironsoul’s Condemnors and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight don’t really fit in with the feel of the realm of Ghur. So with that said, what are these six new warbands going to be?

Well, since each grand alliance from Age of Sigmar is represented in each season, it’s logical to assume that this will be the case in season three. But not all alliances are created equally it seems, as some always seem to be better represented than others. If we breakdown the warbands into their corresponding alliances, we can see that order always seems to have the most representatives, with chaos coming in second while death and destruction trail behind.

If this is the pattern that Games Workshop are intending to follow, then we can assume that there will be approximately two new order and two new chaos warbands, along with one additional death and destruction warband to match. There is always the possibility that they could go for something completely different, but since both order and chaos have more unique forces to choose from than death and destruction, I feel confident making this assumption. With all that said, these are my predictions for the Beastgrave warbands we should expect.


Free Cities Militia – Imagine a rag-tag group of adventurers seeking their fortune out in the wilds of Ghur. Each one has his or her own reasons for braving the dangers of the Beastgrave, but all have their part to play in the expedition. The haggard old veteran still wearing the remains of his city guard uniform, the aelf ranger with a keen eye and even deadlier bow, or the Irondrakes seeking riches and a good old scrap. All could find themselves fighting back to back in the wilds as they pursue fortune and glory. I mean, who doesn’t want a good guy version of the Godsworn Hunt?

The Seraphon – If we are going to get savage, then there is no better choice for the forces of order than the ancient lizardmen of the Seraphon. With Skink, Saurus warriors, and Kroxigor all bringing that brutal dino beatdown, you could have a really versatile and unique warband. Why they are in the realm of Ghur could be a fun narrative story to link the other factions to the Beastgrave, or they could just be there to smash some beastman face. Either works for me.


Clan Pestilence Skaven – If we are going to have good old Lizardmen in Beastgrave, it only makes sense to have their ancient enemy in the form of the Skaven. The last time we saw these ratman was back during Shadespire, and while they were a fun warband, I can’t help but think but they were a bit bland. The Skaven have such a rich backstory in Warhammer Fantasy and the Age of Sigmar with assassins, mad scientists, and crazy war machines, so it seems a shame not to explore them more in Warhammer Underworlds.

Personally, I hope we get to see the members of clan pestilence take centre stage in this new season. Not only do they have a preestablished rivalry with the lizardmen, but they could also be combined with the followers of Nurgle (who also are yet to see a release) for some diseased chaos action.


Flesh Eater Court – When it comes to the forces of death, there aren’t that many options available. We have already seen the Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt represented, so, logically, that leaves us with the good old Flesh Eaters Court.

These cannibalistic ghouls and vampires are nevertheless a perfect fit for the more primal third season of Underworlds. It would also be a great opportunity to add in some classic creatures, like dire wolves and bats swarms to give us a real warhammer horror vibe to Beastgrave.


Bonesplitterz – Similar to the undead, the orruks really only have one option when it comes to warbands left. That being said, it’s the perfect fit when it comes to Beastgrave. The Bonesplitterz bring all the savagery we would hope to see from the latest green-skinned warband.

It might also be good to see some old school alliances by adding some spider-riding forest goblins into the mix. This could give us a warband with an aggressive playstyle that cane also play the objective game in the later stages of combat. Also, maybe just one wild boar or boar rider GW? Please?

Beastclaw Hunter and Frost Sabres – Finally, I think that the ogor tribes are well overdue their time in the sun. A year ago, it might have seemed madness to introduce a large-based model into the game, but thanks to Mollog the Might, that has all changed.

I could easily see an ogor hunter stalking the wilds of Ghur with a pair of sabres in tow, seeking out a prize trophy in the form of the enemy warband. Where Mollog was all about mass slaughter however, an ogor hunter could be more about picking off specific targets one by one. That way, we could keep Mollog unique in his play style while adding another large model warband to the game.

Ok, so I’ve added another Destruction warband over a chaos one, but I feel it makes more sense with the realm we are visiting.

We will have to wait and see if any of these guesses are correct, but I am quietly confident that I’m on the right track for some of these. But I’m curious. What are your thoughts on the warbands we will see in Beastgrave? Why not let us know in the comments below, and while you are there why not like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics.

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