It’s go time for GP Birmingham

It’s here at last. GP Birmingham. Today and over the weekend, thousands of Magic the Gathering players and fans alike will descend on the NEC for four days and two main events worth of Magic filled goodness.

Abbie, Chris Vincent, Sean and myself will all be in attendance over the weekend, with Chris Warrington joining us on the Sunday to have a crack at some Pauper.

We will be testing our skill in the Standard Main Event, and we will also be playing games against anyone who want to challenge us in the Spellslinging side event today and tomorrow from 12-4pm.

We will also be meeting up with a many of the UK MTG content creators, limited but not exclusive to Pleasant Kenobi, Orcs Head Magic, Dijital Llama, Magic the Gathering UK, Total MTG, Life Beings at 20 and MTGMagpie.

We will be collaborating to create content for all of you during the week end so be on the look out for that in the next few weeks.

We are super excited for the GP, and hope you are as well. if you are in Birmingham over the next few days, then please feel free to come on over and say hi to us (if we are not in a game of course) we would love to meet you.

You can follow us at @MasterOfMagics@MTGTengu@InfernoeSean and @Chris54154 to stay up to date with what we are up to. I’m sure we will have lots to tweet about.

But remember, no matter what you are up to this GP weekend remember Good Luck and Have Fun.

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