Kaladesh: Panharmonicon

Here’s a deck with an insanely explosive mid-game plan revolving around Panharmonicon. Using cards like Verdurous Gearhulk, Saheeli Rai, we can quickly assemble massive amounts of power on the board.

Planeswalker (3)
 Saheeli Rai

Creature (16)
 Deathcap Cultivator
 Lathnu Hellion
 Verdurous Gearhulk
 Voltaic Brawler

Sorcery & Instant (9)
 Collective Defiance
 Turn Aside
 Incendiary Flow

Other (7)
 Oath of Nissa
Land (25)
 Botanical Sanctum
 Cinder Glade
 Evolving Wilds
 Game Trail
 Lumbering Falls
 Hanweir Battlements
 Wandering Fumarole




Sideboard (15)
 Galvanic Bombardment
 Summary Dismissal
 Turn Aside
 Radiant Flames







The deck plans to beat our opponent with massive trampling creatures, protected by cheap counterspells. Deathcap Cultivator allows us to accelerate into our Panharmonicon on Turn 3 and enables a 12/12 Verdurous Gearhulk on Turn 4. The deck becomes insanely explosive after dropping a Panharmonicon, at which point pretty much every creature in the deck becomes a big threat. Lathnu Hellion’s sacrifice trigger will always be payable, between its own and Voltaic Brawler’s energy gain, and Voltaic Brawler can use its energy trigger almost every attack. Not only that, but Lathnu Hellion and Voltaic Brawler play into a much bigger plan with Verdurous Gearhulk. Voltaic Brawler can be the target for the Hulk’s 8 counters, swinging for 12 trample damage, and Lathnu Hellion allows us to swing for big damage with haste after the counters have been dropped onto it. Tying the whole deck together is the new Izzet planeswalker, Saheeli Rai. Playing a Gearhulk for 12 power and then being able to copy it for another 2 counter triggers, plus a 4/4 body is insane, and could possibly one-shot your opponent.

The deck plays somewhat like a combo deck, and with such valuable pieces (having a 12/12 hulk die to a 3 cmc spell can be moderately upsetting), it makes sense for us to play some protection, in the form of 3 Turn Aside. It’s not quite Stubborn Denial, but it’ll do the job. Aside from that, the deck runs 4 Incendiary Flow to deal with early game problems, and 2 Collective Defiance, which allows us to kill bigger creatures like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, and can enable us to pitch a slow hand and look for more gas.

The sideboard brings in more cards to protect threats in the control matchup as well as enabling us to counter enemy Planeswalkers in the form of 4 Negate. Summary Dismissal deals with pesky Elder Deep-Fiends and Emrakul, the Promised End, and Radiant Flames and Galvanic Bombardment help against more aggressive decks. Finally, 2 Displace allow for massive combos in matchups where we can afford to play slower and combo out fully.

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