Master 25, Here We Come

If you’re anything like me right now you’re frantically clicking refresh, checking on your phone while cleaning your house or ducking out of the office just to see if any new Masters 25 cards have been spoiled. Preview season is an exciting time for all of us, but it is particularly special when a Masters set is on its way. Eternal players everywhere are keen to find out what staples will get the reprint treatment, what cards will be downshifted in rarity and if there will be any first-time foils available.

Way way back in the first week of February (before Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Azusa, Lost but Seeking were announced), I asked some of my fellow content creators what they where hoping would make it into Masters 25. Not just the rares, but the commons and uncommons too. So today I thought we would share these wish lists to see which of us will be very happy, and which of us will have to wait until the next Masters set for our most wanted cards.

Abbie, aka @MasterofMagics

It should come as no surprise to anyone that our very own Abbie wants Karn Liberated to share the spotlight with Jace as the set’s other Planeswalker. For those of you who don’t know, Abbie is a bit of a Karn super fan. In fact, she recently provided a voice over for Gathering Magic’s Did You Know MTG: Karn video. Karn is one of the oldest characters in Magic’s lore and has been involved in some of the most famous stories in all of Magic’s history. So, it would be ideal to celebrate Magic’s 25th year with a reprint of this lovable giant golem. Also, he’s like $75 at the time of writing, so there’s that too.

For an uncommon reprint, Abbie went with Shattering Spree. Printed way back in Guildpact, this sideboard staple is currently around $15! Now there are lots of ways to deal with artifacts in Modern, but with the rise in popularity of Lantern Control in the last few weeks, maybe reprinting one of the best answers to the strategy would help people tool up their deck for the matchup.

Vince, aka @PleasentKenobi

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of watching one of his videos, Pleasant Kenobi is an MTG/Gaming YouTuber with a love of Death & Taxes in both Modern and Legacy. If you have heard of him, then his choice of rare should not really be that much of a shock to you. Rishadan Port is a Legacy Death & Taxes staple that is in serious need of a reprint. Only printed once in paper way back in Mercadian Masks, it is currently around $95 in the real world and around 32 tix on Magic Online for the non-promo version. Giving us a reprint with some with some snazzy new art would not only make Vince happy but would lead to some fun draft interactions too.

Vince also had an interesting idea for a rarity downshift – Flickerwisp at common. While I would love to see this creepy elemental make its way to Pauper, I am a little worried what that would mean for the draft format. Still, Masters sets have been known to take chances on there downshifts, so anything is possible. Let’s just hope if it does happen it’s not a repeat of the Peregrine Drake incident.

Tim, aka @dijitalllama

For Youtuber and all-round nice guy Dijital llama’s rare selection, he decided that Doubling Season needs the reprint treatment and I agree with him. With paper copies sitting around $55-$60, the Commander and casual all-star really needs to be shown some love. I know Doubling Season has already received a Masters reprint, but that was way back in the original Modern Masters. If nothing else, we all want to see more super-friends lists now the Planeswalker rules have changed, right?

">Simian Spirit Guide makes the cut for Tim’s common selection. ‘Mana Monkey’ is one of the few pieces of fast mana that is still legal in the Modern, and also has a sizable presence in Legacy. It has only had a single printing, so giving players a chance to get hold of more foils would be a good idea.

Mark, aka @LifeBeginsAt20

Mark of Life Begins at 20 fame, selected the original Zendikar Creature Lands as a cycle of rares to be reprinted in Masters 25. Staples of many Modern decks, the original cycle of creature lands are a much sought after addition to most collections and cubes. While not all of these lands see play, some of them such as Celestial Colonnade are in much need of a reprint. And if Wizards of the Coast want to provide mana fixing for the Limited format, they could certainly pick worse.

For his common selection, Mark decided Oubliette needed the reprint treatment and it’s not hard to see why. Receiving only a single paper printing way back in Magic’s first ever expansion, this Oblivion Ring in black was once only about one or two dollars. However, when Pauper began to explode in popularity this little beauty suddenly spiked in price. Now sitting at about $45 it might be time for Wizards to put some more paper copies into the market.

The Orcs Head Magic Crew, aka @OrcsHeadJordan @OrcsHeadChris @OrcsHeadLuke @OrcHeadAdam

The guys from Orcs Head Magic have also been theorising what they think will make it into Masters 25, but instead of reading about it here, why not listen to the guys talk about it themselves? They have their own podcast called Ugin’s Insight, which you can listen to yourself right here. So, once you have finished up reading this why not head over to their YouTube channel and check it out.

Matt, aka @TOTALmtg

For one of the UKMTG crew, their wish has already come true. A self-confessed blue mage, Matt had only one card he wanted reprinting, and Wizards of the Coast have already revealed it. Not only that, it would also have a new playground to battle on. Jace, the Mind Sculptor had his ban lifted and is free to terrorise Modern for the first time in his existence. So, while the rest of us have our fingers crossed hoping for our own wish list reprint, Matt will be at home smiling at his good fortune. And who can blame him?


What do you want to be reprinted in Masters 25? Has it already been previewed? If so what are you planning on doing with your new copies? Why not let us know about it in the comments below, and don’t forget to like a subscribe to keep up to date on all the goings on here at Master of Magics. Also, check out our fellow content and show them some love. They put out some great content and are helping to shine a light on the UK Magic scene. Until next time, remember, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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