Modern Deck Tech: Ferrous Tokens

Hurray. Its here at last. Modern Horizons 2 is out (on MTGO) and I couldn’t be happier. So many new cards have been added to what was for the longest time my favourite eternal format, breaking the meta wide open. I haven’t been this excited about a new set in such a long time, as my head is quite literally ready to bust with new and tweaked deck ideas. So I’m not wasting any time. We are jumping right into it with today’s little brew that I like to call, Ferrous Tokens.

Ferrous Tokens is named after the new Boros Legendary from Modern Horizons 2, General Ferrous Rokiric. This three-mana red and white 3/1 is quite an exciting card for a couple of reasons. First up, Ferrous has Hexproof from mono-coloured* cards, meaning that despite it having a mere 1 toughness, it is quite a resilient little Soldier. When a creature is immune to the likes of Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile, you know it is something special. Secondly, it has a triggered ability that reads “Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, create a 4/4 red and white Golem artifact creature token”.

Now if you are thinking getting a 4/4 for free whenever you cast a multi-coloured spell would be great value ability to abuse, you would be right. And that is exactly what this deck aims to do. Casting a bunch of cheap/free multi-coloured spells to quickly amass a huge token army, and then smashing in for the win. Nice, simple, and a lot of fun.

However, just having a playset of General Ferrous Rokiric** wouldn’t really give us the best chance of amassing a decent number of tokens. That is why we have a backup token generator in the form of Hero of Precinct One. While creating 1/1’s is not as good as making 4/4’s, it is worth noting that Hero of Precinct One is a non-legendary. This means we can have multiple copies on the field, which can end up producing an obscene number of tokens if left unchecked.

So, we have our token generators. Now we need some Multi-coloured spells to trigger them. And for this we start off with a whole lot of one drops. One drops, that cast for hybrid mana. Figure of Destiny kicks things off, as it is a great threat if we are able to dump some mana into it, easily becoming a 4/4 in no time. Wild Cantor give us some potential mana ramp and fixing once we have got the 4/4 Golem or 1/1 Human out of it, while Dryad Militant gives us some non-creature graveyard hate as well as the best natural power out of all the one drops in the deck. Finally, Judge’s Familiar gives us some wrath protection with its Force Spike ability, which in a creature heavy deck is nothing to sneeze at.

As we move into the two drops we hit our “free” spells, in that we have two multi-coloured spells that refund their cost upon casting with Burning-Tree Emissary and Manamorphose. These two cards can allow us to have some quite explosive turns, chaining several spells together to get a whole heap of triggers and flood the board. Trust me when I say going Manamorphose, into Burning-Tree Emissary, into Figure of Destiny and Dryad Militant when you have a Ferrous out is quite a feeling.

The last two non-land cards in the deck are a playset of Birds of Paradise, which alongside Wild Cantor allows us to get out our key pieces as early as possible while helping with the explosive turns, and four copies of Atarka’s Command. Most of the time this will be your finisher, pumping your team up and doming your opponent, but it can also be a god send when you opponent is about to gain a bunch of life (which as we all know is the bane of the aggro deck).

For our mana base we want to make sure we have the right untapped mana available at the right time. That means we are going old school with a fetch and shock land package, taking playsets of Windswept Heath, Wooded Foothills***, and Arid Mesa. We finish this off with two couples of Sacred Foundry, Stomping Ground and Temple Garden, as well as a single Plains, Forest and Mountain.

Creatures (31)
Birds of Paradise
Wild Cantor
Figure of Destiny
Dryad Militant
Judge’s Familiar
Burning-Tree Emissary
Hero of Precinct One
General Ferrous Rokiric

Instants (8)
Atarka’s Command
Lands (21)
Windswept Heath
Wooded Foothills
Arid Mesa
Sacred Foundry
Stomping Ground
Temple Garden

Sideboard (15)
Destructive Revelry
Mana Tithe
Boros Charm
Tormod’s Crypt
Path to Exile

For the sideboard we add in some removal in the form of Path to Exile, as well as a couple of cheeky Mana Tithes to trip up combo players that think they just have the right amount of mana to pull off the win. Tormod’s Crypt is very important graveyard hate, especially with Reanimator on the rise. We also run a playset of Destructive Revelry for Enchantress and Affinity hate, and lastly two copies of Boros Charm. Not for the burn like in most decks. But because it’s instant speed, multi-coloured protection from mass removal like Damn and Anger of the Gods.

And there you have it, Ferrous Tokens. Our first Modern Horizons deck tech. It certainly won’t be our last, as I have a ton of other brews that I’ll be testing out over the coming weeks. But I would love to know what you think about today’s deck. Is this the kind of brew you would like to play? Or have you a different deck you want to try out? Please let me know in the comments below, and while you’re there you could like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics.

We also have a Patreon so if you want to support future content for the site, consider becoming one of our Patrons. Just a $1 a month would do so much to help us create more of the content you enjoy. If you have any ideas for Modern Horizon 2 brews you want to see, you can contact me directly @TenguPlaysGames over on Twitter. But until next time remember no matter the game you play or where you play it, Good Luck and Have Fun.

*As a brit I have to spell colour correctly when not in a direct quote from a card.

** It’s worth noting that Ferrous works quite well as a playset, as even if we can’t have more than one on the battlefield at a time, we still get the cast trigger from the first one. And I think you will agree, a 4/4 for three mana is alright as rates go.

*** In my deck I am currently using Bloodstained Mire instead of Wooded Foothills, as those are the cards I have on MTGO.

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