Pondering Modern Masters 3

Though spoiler season might only just be starting, Modern Masters 3 has been in our minds ever since it was announced. The release is March 17th and we of the magic community have been excitedly predicting the contents. Since the Masters series in comprises of only reprints, all players of the eternal formats all hold their breath, hoping that one card they need for their deck finally gets its much-needed return. Domri Rade, Griselbrand and Stoic Angel are confirmed but that is just the tip of the cardboard iceberg. We here at Master of Magics, are no different in our enthusiasm. But what do we want out of MM3? We all have our own ideas of what should be included, and here some of us share with you what commons, uncommons and rares we believe should be in the next big release of the year.

Sebastian Mansley’s Picks;

Common: Delver of Secrets

Originally printed in Innistrad, this beloved abomination of science is a new addition to the suite of cards available in the Modern Masters series. In the secondary market, Delver sits in the small group of commons that have retained meaningful value courtesy of widespread play from Pauper to Legacy. It turns out providing a 1 drop that can naturally flip into an aggressive, evasive threat in a control or aggro shell makes a good creature – so good I would not be surprised by a rarity upshift. Head Designer at Magic, Mark Rosewater, has said that “Delver of Secrets was just me riffing of “The Fly”” but despite humble beginnings I look forward to its (hopeful) inclusion.

Uncommon: Kitchen Finks

A staple of Abzan Company and a sideboard saviour against aggro in Modern, these Ouphes (I don’t really know what they are either) have been reprinted in the original Modern Masters after their release in Shadowmoor. Lifegain, decent stats and persist make the card terribly efficient and though not bank-breaking a price drop wouldn’t hurt. Finks in the uncommon slot would hopefully hurt the “Mythic-or-bust” fear that drives players like myself away from opening sealed product.

Rare: Damnation

It’s early 2014. The marketing team at Wizards of the Coast is huddled in a darkened room around a table. A single candle casts flickers of light over the Ouija board that sits between them. “Ask it” the director whispers to an intern. “Sh-should we print Damnation in From the Vault: Annihilation?”.



Supernatural interference is the only way I can understand how Damnation has lingered, (mostly) reprintless since Planar Chaos. There’s the Judge Promo and Player Rewards but they aren’t exactly what you need to deal with demand. You’d think that maybe in the FtV specifically about sweepers, the definitive black sweeper might have made an appearance. “Reprint Damnation” has been a joke for longer than I’ve played Magic for but hey, maybe Wizards aren’t superstitious anymore.

James Wise’ Picks;

Common: Nettle Sentinel

One of the best creatures in combo elf strategies, it also is a potent early drop in mono green stompy. Been able to get down a 2/2 for a single green can quickly pile on the pressure, and in the decks that run this guy, the drawback is hardy an issue. It’s seems almost criminal then, that we have only had a single printing, way back in Eventide. Although not too expensive at the moment, it would still be great to get more copies out there.

Uncommon: The Ravnica Charms

Seeing a non-zero amount of play, this cycle of multi-coloured instants would not only be welcome by constructed players, but by drafters too. Each provide a wide range of utility, from the more aggressive Boros Charm, to the more controlling Dimir Charm. Since Wizards have said there will be more of a focus on Innistrad and Return to Ravinca block, I do believe these modal spells would make a great addition to the Master’s series.

Rare:Cavern of Souls

Ok, real talk time. When you have a land card that is essential in any tribal deck, which allows you to generate any colour of mana you may need, and prevent any control players ruining your day, you know people will want full playsets. So why is it that Cavern of Souls only had one real printing? Elves, Eldrazi, Merfolk, Spirits, all run this powerful land, and it would great to get more copies out there, to make it easier for us without a pot of gold to get hold of.

Chris Warrington’s Picks;

Common: Manamorphose

Let us have the common Manamorphose reprint please. The price of this is ridiculous and I know it’s been reprinted in previous masters sets but that was at uncommon. Let us have it at common and everyone can do the storm dance for a little bit longer.

Uncommon: Skullclamp (yes, he knows it’s banned, Ed)

For uncommon, let’s have Skullclamp. Newer players, such as myself (Khans onwards) hear about cards sometimes, terrible cards. Distant horrible looks develop in the eyes of more experienced players, gaunt staring vacancy, whispered shivers. Well, we want those experiences too. Even if it’s only once. And yes, I know it’s banned. I’m not a damn fool. I’m just thinking limited, right? Right. Shut up.

Rare: Inkmoth Nexus

Blinky has been reprinted twice and, I know, though this means some other infect will have to be in the set for draft shenanigans, but the price alone is killing me. One printing of any card that is frequently played is just criminal. Absolutely criminal. And hurts my wallet.

Sean Johnson’s Picks;

Common : Horned Turtle

Okay, so probably for all the wrong reasons…but Eternal Masters had the Giant Tortoise; I don’t believe this is an unreasonable ask. The magpie within me is craving a new art for this majestic creature.

Uncommon : Ghost Quarter

As a rookie in the ‘Modern’ world of MTG, this has quickly become one of my favourite cards to play around with, and find fun ways to use – even if that is a sneaky archive trap. In all seriousness, the interactions to be had with this (in some printings) well designed land seem irresistibly fun to me.

Rare : Glimpse the Unthinkable

Whilst this is a very strong card for 2 cost (albeit in certain decks I may or may not be building) it is also playable in formats such as EDH. Even if a card does destroy more friendships than the average game of monopoly, I don’t believe one printing does it justice. It’s about time it sees another, prettier iteration as this also – to quote my colleague – “hurts my wallet” also.

Well those are our thoughts! I can’t say we’re all on-board the skullclamp train (I suffer from it enough in EDH) but we do all hope that MM3 will have bountiful gifts for all. What are you excited for? Think we’ve missed something important? Leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or Twitter @masterofmagics.

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