Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease

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Whenever I look at a sealed pool I ask myself two questions. What are my bombs? And where is my removal? It’s easy to forget when you’re playing a tribal set, but you can’t just throw seventeen lands in with all your Merfolk and expect to have a viable deck. If the synergies aren’t there, then the deck will fail. So it’s better to look for win cons and ways to handle your opponent’s bombs, and if you can make it a tribal deck then all the better. Lucky for us, our biggest bomb is also a great removal spell. Tetzimoc, Primal Death can allow us to mark our opponent’s creatures for death, before coming down as a massive threat in the late game. We also have a whole sway of other removal spells with Impale, Vanquish the Weak and Skulduggery. So that’s the removal sorted, but I don’t think we have enough to run a Monoblack deck. Looking at our other bombs it’s clear to see the Green offers two great win condition in the form of Carnage Tyrant and Tendershoot Dryad. With the Tyrant, we can just go for the straight beatdown approach, or we can go for a go wide strategy with the Dryad. What’s more the rest of our pool helps us switch on the cities blessing with creatures like Jungleborn Pioneer, Overgrown Armasaur and the Dryad itself. We can then smash face with a well-timed Strength of the Pack to win the game. The deck doesn’t even need a third colour, which means we don’t have to overstretch our mana base. The only thing it is missing is a copy or two of Ravenous Chupacabra, but we can’t have everything.

Some cards are still unavailable through our card reader, so you may not be able to hover over to show the card, but there should be an update at release.

BG Scray stuff!

Grasping scoundrel
Dinosaur hunter
Deeproot warrior
Giltgrove stalker
Dusk Legion zealot
Jungleborn pioneer
Jungle creeper
Knight of the stampede
Grazing whiptail
Jadecraft artisan
Tendershoot dryad
Overgrown armasaur
Tetzimoc, primal death
Carnage tyrant
Traveler's amulet
Moment of craving
Vanquish the weak
Golden demise
Orazca relic
Gruesome fate
Strength of the pack

Alternate Deck RG Angry Stuff!

Rekindling Phoenix
Charging Tuskodon
Raptor Hatchling
Reckless Rage
Sure Strike
Brazen Freebooter
Frilled Deathspitter
Sun-Collared Raptor
Tillonali’s Knight
Orazca Raptor
Forerunner of the Empire
Grazing Whiptail
Carnage Tyrant
Strength of the Pack
Tendershoot Dryad
Thrashing Brontodon
Overgrown Armasaur
Knight of the Stampede
Deeproot Warrior
Jadecraft Artisan
Heirophant’s Chalice
Relic of Orazca
Unclaimed Territory

BUG From Chris at Orc’s Head Magic.

Hadana’s climb
Kopala, warden of waves
Shaper apprentice
Jade bearer
Jungleborn pioneer
Deeproot warrior
Sailor of means
Tendershoot dryad
Carnage tyrant
Stormfleet spy
Tetzlmoc primal death
Jungle creeper
Travellers amulet
Orazca’s relic
Grazing whiptail
Glitzrove stalker
Overgrown ametaur
Wildgrowth walker
Secrets of the golden city

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