Scryed Away Sunday: 11.03.2018

Another week has come and gone, but what have the UKMTG community been up to? Well, why not look below and see for yourself.

Pleasant Kenobi and his meme warriors have journeyed to GP Madrid to gain glory and fame. Unfortunately they didn’t make day two, but they did manage a respectable 4-3-1 record. Hopefully he can do better in Birmingham.

Tim tackled the Tiny Leaders format with a Minotaur tribal brew. So if you like Commander but fancied playing with only the raw power of CMC 3 or less, then he has you covered.

Mark ran down the top 10 downshifted common cards from Masters 25. We guess his cube is going to be getting some new toys for drafting then. 

Jordan from Orc Head Magic decided to terrorise MTGO Legacy with his own brand of madness. Yes Legacy Devils is here, and its actually pretty good. 

Finally, our very own James has been hard at work after he asked you what he should brew for Modern. This week he unveiled his One with Nothing deck, and takes it out for a spin. 

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