Scryed Away Sunday: 28.01.2018

Abbie is unable to bring you today’s Scryed Away Sunday, as she and a ton of the UKMTG content creators are currently attending Grand Prix London. So while they are having fun playing magic with the likes the Professor, it falls to me to bring you the latest new from the UK scene. So let’s have a look at what are fellow content creators have been up to.


Pleasant Kenobi started his GP weekend of with a Legacy stream. 


TOTALmtg announces his ChannelFireball Golden Ticket & 3000 Sub Giveaway Winners.


Chris and Adam from Orc’s Head Magic crack into a Rivals of Ixilan Booster Box, but what value did they find?


And not to be out done, Tim cracks open a Rivals of Ixalan Bundle Box Opening.

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