Team MoM 1 Tix Commander: Episode 1

We here at Master of Magics love to get together every now and then and play some games of Magic. Gathering at one of our houses for our own private Prerelease, or just to have a game or two of Commander, was a great way for us to bond as a team and plan out ideas for the site. I say was, as because of late it has been incredibly hard to get the team together for a game night has been particularly hard. Both Samuel and Sebastian have moved away from Sheffield after finishing University, and Abbie is currently in America with her new husband. Sure I still have the two Chris’s (Chrises? Chrisii?) and Sean to keep me company, but they are either very busy with work or live in a different county. So, what is a lonely Magic player to do?


Luckily for me Abbie, Sebastian and Samuel all have Magic Online accounts, and where all keen to keep up with our team gaming sessions. We all decided the Commander would be the best format for us all to play, but we all didn’t have giant bank accounts to build our decks with. We were wondering what we were going to do. Then Sam had a great idea – 1 Tix Commander.

For those of you not in the know, 1 Tix Commander is a sub-format of EDH. The back rule is that all the cards in your deck must not exceed the cost of a single Tix (MTGO’s currency). At first this may seem like a poor format with no real power, but when you consider cards like Garruk Wildspeaker only come in at 0.02 Tix for the online promo version, the format suddenly doesn’t seem so weak.

In fact, the format has been a popular one for many people online for a while now. In fact, good friend to the site and Pleasant Kenobi’s stream wing man Rob ‘WhiteRobbit’ White did an article about the format back in December. If you want to read more on the format (including how to deal with card price fluctuations) you can read his article right here.

So, we had a format and a plan. All we needed was some decks.

Samuel – Momir Aetherize.

Samuel’s choice of deck just goes to show you that 1 Tix doesn’t mean no power. Momir Vig, Simic Visionary is a card tutoring machine, and in a test game we had completely got out of hand. Not to mention he has an instant win combo with Biovisionary (or Big Brain Boy as he likes to call him). Watch out for this deck, it has some real power if left unchecked.

Commander; Momir Vig, Simic Visionary

Momir Vig, Simic Visionary

Altered Ego
Arcane Denial
Biomantic Mastery
Sylvan Caryatid
Stormtide Leviathan
Crystal Shard
Curse of the Swine
Deadwood Treefolk
Diluvian Primordial
Fable of Wolf and Owl
Simic Signet
Fathom Mage
Silklash Spider
Haze Frog
Horizon Chimera
Hoverguard Sweepers
Infinite Reflection
Kederekt Leviathan
Kefnet’s Monument
Kiora’s Follower
Lorescale Coatl
Spring // Mind
Mask of Avacyn
Meloku the Clouded Mirror
Mystic Snake
Scourge of Fleets
Plasm Capture
Psychosis Crawler
Rampant Growth
Rapid Hybridization
Rite of Replication
Rites of Flourishing
River Hoopoe
Sages of the Anima
Shielding Plax
Simic Cluestone
Fact or Fiction
Simic Sky Swallower
Species Gorger
Spitting Image
Coiling Oracle
Bounding Krasis
Tatyova, Benthic Druid
Trygon Predator
Urban Evolution
Vedalken Heretic
Vizier of Many Faces
Mirror Image
Weaver of Currents
Icefeather Aven
21 Forest
15 Island
Simic Guildgate
Woodland Stream
Transguild Promenade

Abbie – LEGENDARY (and Knights I guess).

Ever since we had our Dominaria Prerelease about six months ago, Abbie has been on a bit of a Black/White Historical spree. Arvad the Cursed seems to be her favourite card in along time, and for good reason. Not only is he a solid creature on his own, but in the right deck can quickly pump our team up to ludicrous levels of power. Is this the deck to do that? We will have to wait and see.

Commander; Arvad the Cursed

Arvad the Cursed

Adamant Will
Aryel, Knight of Windgrace
Baird, Steward of Argive
Benalish Honor Guard
Bishop of Binding
Blackblade Reforged
Board the Weatherlight
Bontu’s Monument
Cast Out
Chariot of Victory
Crib Swap
D’Avenant Trapper
Danitha Capashen, Paragon
Evra, Halcyon Witness
Final Parting
Forerunner of the Legion
Forsake the Worldly
Ghost Council of Orzhova
Gideon’s Phalanx
Hero’s Blade
Heroes’ Podium
Hixus, Prison Warden
Holy Day
Jhoira’s Familiar
Josu Vess, Lich Knight
King Macar, the Gold-Cursed
Kitsune Healer
Knight of Grace
Knight of Malice
Kongming, “Sleeping Dragon”
Kothophed, Soul Hoarder
Kwende, Pride of Femeref
Lena, Selfless Champion
Martyr of Dusk
Mask of Avacyn
Nagao, Bound by Honor
Oathsworn Vampire
On Serra’s Wings
Paladin of the Bloodstained
Primevals’ Glorious Rebirth
Ravenous Chupacabra
Rescue from the Underworld
Seal Away
Serra Disciple
Diabolic Tutor
Tetzimoc, Primal Death
Thalia’s Lancers
The Eldest Reborn
Tivadar of Thorn
Urge to Feed
Urgoros, the Empty One
Urza’s Ruinous Blast
Vampire’s Zeal
Whisper, Blood Liturgist
Yawgmoth’s Vile Offering
Cast Down
Helm of the Host
19 Swamp
19 Plains

Sebastian – Kaervek Hate.

Sebastian is a… how should I put this? Seb hates fun. He is the quintessential control player and is only happy when others are not. Don’t get me wrong, Sebastian is a great guy. I just know when I play him I’m in for a world of hurt. And with Kaervek the Merciless leading his forces, you best believe Sebastian is going to try and bring the pain.

Commander; Kaervek the Merciless

Kaervek the Merciless

Alloy Myr
Archfiend of Depravity
Bloodgift Demon
Burnished Hart
Cryptolith Fragment
Cultivator’s Caravan
Damnable Pact
Diabolic Tutor
Dictate of the Twin Gods
Fanatic of Mogis
Fate Unraveler
Fleshbag Marauder
Furnace of Rath
Gilded Lotus
Grasp of Darkness
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Harsh Mentor
Havoc Festival
Hero’s Downfall
Increasing Ambition
Indulgent Tormentor
Invader Parasite
Iron Myr
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs
Kederekt Parasite
Kothophed, Soul Hoarder
Leaden Myr
Lightning Greaves
Lightning Reaver
Mask of Avacyn
Murderous Cut
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
Painful Quandary
Polluted Bonds
Rakdos Cluestone
Rakdos Keyrune
Rakdos Signet
Read the Bones
Red Sun’s Zenith
Repay in Kind
Royal Assassin
Rune-Scarred Demon
Scour from Existence
Sepulchral Primordial
Silence the Believers
Sin Prodder
Sire of Insanity
Skull Rend
Spiteful Visions
Sudden Spoiling
Sunbird’s Invocation
Talisman of Indulgence
Whip of Erebos
Wound Reflection
Wrecking Ball
Zo-Zu the Punisher
12 Mountain
25 Swamp
Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace

James – Spiders. Lots and lots of Spiders.

I love tribal decks. This will come to no surprise to those of you that are regular readers of my articles. But I have had very few opportunities to flex my tribal muscles in Commander. That end today. I always wanted to have a go at building an EDH deck with Ishkanah, Grafwidow at the helm, and since she is only about 0.07 Tix at the time of writing this article, I think its time to creep people out with spiders.

Commander; Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Acid Web Spider
Aquastrand Spider
Arachnus Spinner
Arachnus Web
Beneath the Sands
Canopy Spider
Deadly Recluse
Doom Blade
Frostweb Spider
Garruk Wildspeaker
Giant Spider
Gloomwidow’s Feast
Golgari Keyrune
Golgari Signet
Goliath Spider
Grappler Spider
Grasp of Darkness
Graverobber Spider
Grow from the Ashes
Hitchclaw Recluse
Implement of Ferocity
Jungle Weaver
Juvenile Gloomwidow
Kessig Recluse
Kodama’s Reach
Lay of the Land
Lightning Greaves
Mammoth Spider
Netcaster Spider
Nyx Weaver
Obelisk Spider
Oran-Rief Recluse
Penumbra Spider
Pincer Spider
Plated Spider
Primal Command
Rampant Growth
Renowned Weaver
Rib Cage Spider
Sentinel Spider
Silklash Spider
Skysnare Spider
Somberwald Spider
Spider Spawning
Spitting Spider
Sporecap Spider
Stingerfling Spider
Swift Spinner
Tangle Spider
Unbridled Growth
Watcher in the Web
Woolly Spider
30 Forest

So there are the decks, but how do they play? How will they interact with each other? Who will win? Well don’t worry, we aren’t going to keep you guessing. Trust me, you are going to want to see how this one ends.

Well that was a great match, and certainly hope you enjoyed it half as much as we enjoyed playing it. We had a blast playing, and as you might have guessed by the word ‘series’ we are not finished with this format yet. We are planning on playing more games together and bringing you the footage for your entertainment. But we need your help.

We want you to get writing in the comments and messaging us on Twitter and Facebook. Tell us what you want to see from this series in the future. Do you want to see new decks each episode? Do you want us to expand on these decks with increased budgets? Do you want to see special guests? Let us know and we will do our best to bring you the content you want to see. And while you are writing your comment don’t forget to like and subscribe to both our site and YouTube channel, it really does help support the site and us. Until next time remember whenever and wherever you play, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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