Twelve Days of Magic: 10

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10. Ten Power and Toughness 

Today’s entry might seem a little confusing to some of you out there. You might be asking yourselves, “What does a giant interplanetary tentacle monster from the blind eternities have to do with Christmas?” The answer? Far more than you realise. You see, the fact is that during the festive season every one of us will, in our own special way, become an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Don’t believe me? Well picture the scene. It’s Christmas morning and after tearing into your presents, you start to snack on some festive treats. A gingerbread biscuit here, a candy cane there. Your told you will spoil your appetite, but you continue on anyway. Then, when everyone is around the table, you all tuck in to a family feast. You eat until you feel you can’t eat anymore, finally believing your hunger to be satiated. Then some elderly relative reveals a box of Quality Streets or similar chocolate treat, and you say with a smile on your face “go on then”. Yes, we will all become an Ulamog, but at least we can drop the pounds in the new year. Or consume the planet, whichever is more applicable.

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