Twelve Days of Magic: 11

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11. Eleven Elves are Piping 

Breaking on to the scene way back in Urza’s Destiny, this little gem quickly became a firm favourite for many of us in the Magic community (including yours truly). Not only is Elvish Piper a fun Magic card in its own right, but fits perfectly into our number eleven slot. It’s not because it’s a piper and that fits with the song, or even that it’s a 1/1 (which kind of makes it an 11). No, the reason this elvish musician makes the cut lays in its activated ability. Instead of paying ‘retail’ for your biggest bombs, this piper goes out of its way to bring your inner Timmy to life. Much in the same way that opening presents on Christmas morning can take you to the simpler time of our youth, the Elvish Piper can take us back to a time when all we cared about was resolving the biggest green beasty we could get our hand on.¬†


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