Twelve Days of Magic: 4

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4. Four Squadron Hawks


The holiday season brings with it many fun and exciting occasions. Winter fairs, Pantomimes and of course, the Christmas party. As with any group gathering, these parties don’t just spring out of nowhere and take a little bit of planning. Yes, you can lay out some themed snacks and assorted beverages, crank up some holiday tunes and even decorate our house, but that doesn’t make a party. No, people make a party, but there in lays the problem. You will invite a few close friends, maybe that special person you have had your eye on all year, and possible your boss if you want to keep in their good books. But even with all this careful planning you know that you have that one ‘friend’ that will take liberty’s, and invite more people than you wanted. They are like your very own personal copy of Squadron Hawk, bringing along more than a few extra bodies to the party. But unlike summoning a swarm hawks to do your bidding, all you get at the end of this party is the joy of scrubbing vomit out of the carpet after your ‘friend’ suggested jelly shots.

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