Twelve Days of Magic: 5

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5. Five Sol Rings

While it would be easy to simple state the obvious parallels to the original carol with today’s entry and call it a day, I believe that there is a deeper connection to the holidays here. Sol Ring is one of those cards that has almost become a meme to those in the Commander community. It almost always finds it’s way into every deck, resulting in its many reprints in every Commander supplemental product. Many players have even stated that they have had enough of it and we don’t need it anymore. In this regard, Sol Ring has become like one of the most played out holiday meme of all time. Socks. Every year without fail I receive socks from one of my relatives, even though I have drawers full of them. I know I’m not the only one and I guaranty that most of you reading this will probably receive your own bundle of cotton foot gloves during the festive season. But at least you can always double up with socks on those cold winter nights. The same can not be said of the almighty Sol Ring.

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