Twelve Days of Magic: 8

It that time again, where we get our festive caps on with today’s entry in our ‘Twelve Days of Magic’. If you are new to this series of articles then you can check out our first entry here, and remember to keep checking back every day (except Sunday) for the next entry in our festive celebration. If you have a suggestion for the holiday lineup, then we would love to hear about it in the comments below. If you like the content that we produce here at Master of Magics, then why not like and subscribe to the site to keep up to date on all our future articles and videos. But enough with all that, let’s rush today’s entry.

8. Eight Goblins Whacking


Today’s entry isn’t about a single card or even a group of cards. No, today’s entry refers to a whole deck in the form of Modern 8 Whack. One of my favourite ‘fun’ decks, 8 Whack revolves around assembling a critical mass of goblins on the battlefield, then pumping them all up with either a Goblin Bushwhacker or Reckless Bushwhacker for a giant alpha swing. So, what does this tribal brew have to do with the holiday season? The answer is simple, family. During the festive season, many families will gather together to exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company. You all might get a bit loud, and even get into a fight or two. But the holidays wouldn’t be the same without family, and it’s important to cherish these moments. Just don’t get too reckless.


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