Unlimited Power

The Mechanics of Kaladesh have certainly made an impact. Vehicles hit the ground running during the first weeks of standard play, and show little signs of slowing down. Fabricate is overrunning limited formats with Servos. For me though, Energy is the mechanic getting my creative juices flowing.

There are many different versions of Gruul based Energy decks but when you look at the plethora of Blue Energy cards, you get to thinking, are we making the most of this new resource? Well, after scouring my collection, and brainstorming with some of my gaming buddies, I came up with this little number.


You may need this…

Creature (20)
Servant of the Conduit
Aether Theorist
Sage of Shaila's Claim
Longtusk Cub
Architect of the Untamed
Aethersquall Ancient

Sorcery (6)
Attune with Aether
Confiscation Coup

Instant (2)
Glimmer of Genius

Enchantment (4)
Aether Meltdown

Land (24)
Aether Hub
Botanical Sanctum
Lumbering Falls
Sideboard (15)
Ceremonious Rejection
Deadlock Trap
Blossoming Defense
Empyreal Voyager
Scatter to the Winds
Dynavolt Tower

Unlike our Gruul cousins, whom only wish to destroy our opponents as soon as possible, we of the Simic Combine have more subtle ways of taking care of business. Firstly, our plan is to amass a large amount of Energy within the first couple of turns, and then use it to power up one of our win conditions. Creatures such as Aether Theorist and Sage of Shaila’s Claim give us a lot of Energy as early as turn two. The Theorist helps us dig through our deck and the Sage can offer a useful chump blocker if needed. Even though we are only in two colours Servant of the Conduit and Attune with Aether help to fix our mana in the early game as well as helps us ramp up to our win conditions.

Speaking of win conditions, we run not one or two, but rather four. Architect of the Untamed not only gives us Energy for every land we play but can then use it to produce an army of 6/6 artifact beasts. Bristling Hydra on the other hand, doesn’t need friends to get the job done. This creature is a control player’s nightmare. Not only is it large enough to fight its way through early game defenders such as Thing in the Ice, it can use our large store of Energy to pump and protect itself making targeted remove all but useless.

What if your opponent has a bigger creature than you? Like a Gearhulk or Eldrazi Titan, or maybe even a shiny new Dynavolt Tower. Well why not make it your own with Confiscation Coup. With all the Energy producers we are running, having well over ten counters on turn five is more than achievable, which makes your opponent’s win condition, yours. The pièce de résistance is the almighty Aethersquall Ancient. This Flying 6/6 Leviathan not only makes you Energy every turn, but can lock down the board each turn by bouncing all other creatures back their owner’s hands. It clears a path to our opponent’s life total and allows us to play our creatures again, helping to fuel our Energy stockpile.

Although the deck is not as quick as some others in the format, we can use tempo cards such as Aether Meltdown to help get us to the later stages of the game. By adding more card filtering in the form of Glimmer of Genius, we can find more of our win conditions before we are over run by more aggro based decks.

So, what do you think, does this form of Energy shenanigans float your boat? Or do you think there are other Energy colour combinations decks just waiting to be discovered? Well why not try them out at your local FNM, and see if you can power your way to victory.

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