Army Showcase; Thomas Cudo’s Adeptus Mechanicus

As you know, we here at Master of Magics we like to keep our eyes pleaded for interesting and unique painted miniatures and armies, in order to show and inspire you in your own hobby adventures. Hobbyists spend hours of their time creating, for lack of a better word, art. So, when we see some mini’s that impresses us, we reach out and ask the owner if they want to tell us about how and why they came up with their ideas. While I was perusing the online wargaming groups I came across one such collection in the form of Thomas Cudo’s Adeptus Mechanicus and asked if he wanted to share his vast collection with you all. Thankfully, he said yes. So, let’s have a look at some very fine servants of the machine god.

So, Tom. How long have you been into 40K?

I have been playing tabletop 40k for 2 Years, but I been into the lore for 5 years.

What made you want to start Ad Mech? Have you always liked them?

I have always been a fan of Ad Mech. Their shady fanatical cyborgs that pray to toasters. They are a lot of fun.

Can’t argue with that. How long did it take you to complete everything you have so far?

It took two years to paint my everything I currently have here. I finished a year ago but then, GW released new models, so I had to add them. 

Yeah, an army is never really finished is it. Do you have a particular model you are the proudest of?

 This is a hard one. I really like my kastelan robots, but I’m most proud of the electro priests. The electro priests were in the first novel I ever read, so they mean a lot to me.

So, what’s next on the painting table for you? Anything special planned?

Well, I got a bunch of Iron Hands to paint and also some Necron’s. I like the robot boys.

Looking forward to seeing them when you are finished. If you have a unique and interesting army you have been working on and would like to share it with the wider community, then you can contact me via twitter @TenguPlaysGames or via our FaceBook page, and maybe yours will be the next army featured in our showcase. If you have enjoyed todays article, please like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics. You want to support the site directly; you can join our Patreon for as little as a $1 a month. Until next time though remember, Stay Safe and look after yourselves.


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