New Year Painting Challenge: March

Well it’s the end of another month, so that means it’s time to look at what minis I’ve managed to paint for this year’s Painting Challenge. This month has been a strange one for us all, what with the world going into lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. The only good thing about all this awfulness is that I’ve managed to get started on a lot of projects I’ve had off to the side. Still adding the finishing touches to those pieces, but I’m sure next month I’ll have a lot to show you all.

A quick reminder on the rules. Over the course of the year I have to paint at least fifty-two models, showing my progress at the end of every month. I have also challenged the wider community to join me in this war against the grey, as group projects are always more fun than solo outings.

Well. Let’s see my progress for March.

First up we have the final* additions to my Ghost Knights of Mortain. With Paladin Bombs been the new hotness I decided to add some of these elite warriors to my force, along side a Paladin Ancient and a Apothecary. As with the rest of the army, they were painted layers of drybrushing and washes to give them a ghostly appearance.

On the battlefield I’ll be mixing and matching these alongside some of my other Terminators to make a ten-man strong squad of Paladin. While not all of them will have the back banners, my current list doesn’t any regular Terminator squad at all, so it is still obvious what they are on the tabletop. This has been a fun little project, that grew from a simple Kill Team concept to a full 2,500+ point force.

Next up we have something from last year that I had to shelve after an unfortunate incident!

For those not in the know, towards the end of 2019 I began work on a Nurgle Daemon army. The idea was to have something that I could use in Warhammer 40,000, but also give me a in vector to playing Age of Sigmar. I settled on getting started with the Nurgle Daemon Start Collecting boxset, and got to work painting up the contents. I managed to paint quite a bit with the new contrast paints, but when it came to varnishing them the unthinkable happen.

After the incident with the faulty spray can, I did my best to salvage what I could from the box. Sadly, the drones and herald didn’t survive my striping process and I left the project unfinished. Then, a few weeks ago, I decided to try out a paint scheme I was mulling over and through my unfinished Plaguebearers would make for some good test subject. The results were promising.

The scheme involved layers of grey drybrushing, mixing in off white at each step to bring up the rotting fleshy tone. Then after adding some details, I would paint the open wounds and orifices with Blood Angels Red contrast, before giving the whole model a Nuln Oil wash. I was very pleased with the effect, and it to literal minutes to pull off. So, I did a whole squad.

I’ll be working on the Nurgllings next month, but with the speed in which I can knock out this scheme I wouldn’t be surprised if I got more added to them by the end of April. But before we finish up though, let’s have a look and see what some others have been painting this month.

First of we have some Stormcast Eternals painted by Tom Wintle. I’ve always been a big fan of these giant warriors, and Tom’s paint job certainly does them justice. I’m loving the contrast between the metallic golds of the armour and the white face plates of this immortal champions of the mortal realms. Looking forward to seeing more from them in the future.

We also have some Orks from Karl Cloke. This small waaagh perfectly encapsulates the Mad Max but green aesthetic that Ork have become know for. My personal favourite is the classic metal Killa Kan. Now all that need is a Warboss to lead them and Waaagh Karl can truly begin.

And that will about do it for today. I’ll be back at the end of March with another update for you all, so if you don’t want to miss out on that or any of the other great content we do please like and subscribe to keep up to date with all we do here at Master of Magics.

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