Scryed Away Sunday: 04.03.2018

Apparently, it is March already! Let’s check out the last week in the UKMTG community.

We have added another day to our release schedule, Saturday will be dedicated to MTG Fan Fiction, Commander and Guest articles. If you have an article you would like to share contact us at 

Here is our first Fiction, written by The Master of Metal, Chris Warrington. We hope to see these on the First Saturday each month.

Vaulting Ambition

Cardboard Badger brings us a Horsey deck tech, I love the theme!

Tim at DijitalLlama has an Unstable opening.

Mark from LifeBeingsAt20 goes through his picks in Booster Pack Friday.


MTGMapie does what they do best, Booster opening. 

Chris from orcs head talks us through his latest deck tech.

Vincent, also known as PleasantKenobi on the internet brings us some Legacy Cube game play.

TOTALmtg brings us Pauper Jund.

Thank you for checking this out, see you next week.

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