Scryed Away Sunday: 08.04.2018

This week has been full of so much UK content I’ve struggled to keep up, here’s some highlights.

In our Guest slot Sam had a look at how Dominaria will be effecting Commander.

Commanding Dominaria, Part I.

TOTALmtg brings a Stompy Pauper deck tech, something I would quite like to try myself.

If you have never joined one of PleasantKenobi’s streams, here is what you are missing… Check him out over on Twitch Monday’s from 7pm GMT

Chris From Orcs Head Gaming Magic brings us some Arena gameplay.

LifeBeginsAt20 and TOTALmtg duel with their challenger decks.

We won’t be seeing much of DijitalLlama for a short while and here is why.

Have you ever seen a Badger destroy an egg?


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